Big Changes Coming To Walt Disney World in 2019!

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2019 is bringing a whole slew of new adventures and magic to Walt Disney World! Today, we are talking about everything we know so far that is coming to Walt Disney World in the coming year. Although there are several experiences all around Walt Disney World property that are either receiving revamps or are completely leaving, the new adventures are plentiful and we can’t wait!

Move it, Shake it, Mousekedance it!

48.jpgThe Move it, Shake it, Dance it parade will be no more in 2019. It will be replaced with, what we hope is a better interactive celebration. Move it, Shake it, Mousekedance it will be an interactive dance party down Main Street to Cinderella’s Castle where our favorite Disney characters will dance it out to Mickey Mouse Club songs and remixes.

We have never been a big fan of the Move it, Shake it parade and celebration that takes place at Magic Kingdom for the past several years and have high hopes that this new parade will bring us back to our own Mickey Mouse Club days and bring in a wider audience and fan group to the celebration.

49Move it, Shake it, as it is now, is geared entirely towards kids and really leaves out most other demographics. Hopefully this new celebration will be one for all ages to get excited about!

Do you love the current parade/dance party or are you ready for this new version coming to Main Street?



Dapper Dans!

44Although the Dapper Dans are nothing new to Magic Kingdom, they will be learning some new tunes! The new songs for this foursome will include some classics highlighting the magical mouse duo, Mickey and Minnie and some old Disney throwbacks! We love the Dapper Dans and can’t wait for these new songs to be added to their repertoire.

Pixar Place Incredible Transformation!

50May 1, 2019 marks the 30th Anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM). As we all wait with bated breath for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, these mouse bloggers are loving Toy Story Land and are excited to hear of even more changes coming to this park.

We just learned that Pixar Place (which has already closed for refurbishment) is being transformed into a city block of Municiberg from the Incredibles. Meet and greets with Frozone, Edna Mode, Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl will all happen within this new space.

What are you most excited about with this new Incredible transformation?

Mike and Sully Meet and Greet!

Photo Courtesy of the Walt Disney Company

Disney recently announced that the meet and greet’s for Baby Groot and Star Lord will be ending within the Walt Disney Presents space. In their place, new meet and greet opportunities with Mike Wazowski and Sully!

For those who are sad about the departure of Baby Groot and Star Lord, don’t forget that Epcot is working on the massive Guardians of the Galaxy Roller Coaster and we have a feeling there will be plenty of meet and greet’s coming to Epcot for Guardians of the Galaxy characters!


Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party!

52Disney is on a dance party kick right now and we have just received word that another dance party is coming to Animal Kingdom in 2019. Discovery Island will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Lion King and also the release of the new live action version of the film with the Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party. Simba, Timon and Rafiki have all RSVP’d that they will be attending the party; will you be joining them?

In addition, to continue the Lion King celebration, 3D photo opportunities will be available, highlighting this classic tale.

Festival of the Arts!

46Although not new, Disney announced that Festival of the Arts will return in 2019 and will run from Jan 18 thru Feb 25. This will be the third year for this festival and Disney has also announced that the Disney on Broadway Concert Series that occurs during Festival of the Arts will be expanding to seven days a week.

If you have never been to Festival of the Arts, it is a festival for the senses that includes amazing visuals throughout the park, some interactive. We are hoping that the mural returns in 2019; in 2018, there was a period during the festival that included the opportunity to put your own creative stamp on a large mural. The end result was a huge Monorail piece colored in by Festival of the Arts patrons.

Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

In addition, the food booths or studios as they are referred to for this particular festival are a true feast for the eyes and the taste buds. There are incredible food options as with the other Epcot festivals that are absolutely beautiful and we are hoping this stays true for 2019.

Don’t forget the Figment topiary holding the painting pallet; it’s too cute for words.

Flower and Garden Festival!

53Flower and Garden Festival is pure magic. We are beyond thrilled to hear that Disney is bringing it back once more; to be fair, we never thought they wouldn’t bring it back. Dates for the 2019 festival have been announced as well. You can experience this incredible Epcot offering from March 6 thru June 3.


I cannot express my love of Flower and Garden Festival. I might even love this festival more than I love Food and Wine (gasp!) The topiaries are absolutely out of this world. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Lady and the Tramp, Pooh and Friends, Anna and Elsa, I could walk around and just admire the topiaries and their details all day long.

54Then you have the food. There was an amazing key lime sparkling wine and spicy blackened shrimp with cheddar grits, a berry cobbler, the food rivaled that of Food and Wine and my mouth is watering just dreaming about it.

If you have the chance to visit Walt Disney World during this unique and incredible festival, do it! And take me with you!

Which Epcot festival is your favorite? Are you planning on going to Flower and Garden in 2019?

Lightening McQueen’s Racing Academy!

Photo courtesy of the Walt Disney Company

There is another show coming to Hollywood Studios! Lightening McQueen will be training up a new generation of racers with some of his best friends in tow. Join Mater, Cruz and the gang for a high octane show filled with curves, excitement and challenges.

I’m going to be completely honest with you about this. I am not revved up for this new show. I love Nemo and Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Frozen. Those shows are great and I hope this one falls into that category but I do think Cars could have been better suited for a ride similar to the one in Disneyland and I hope I’m wrong and that this new show will be a stand out.

In addition to the new Cars show coming to Hollywood Studios, there will also be a Cruz Ramierez meet and Greet outside of the Lightening McQueen Racing Academy

New Nighttime Spectacular at Epcot!

55The rumors are true. As we learn more about this new nighttime spectacular replacing the longest running nighttime show in Walt Disney World history, we will bring you more information. IllumiNations, the long running show at Epcot will be coming to an end in the summer of 2019. The new show is already in the works and is said to be immediately replacing IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth upon its conclusion.

60Here is what we know so far. The new show will be another Fireworks spectacular, which we are really excited about. The new show, according to Disney Parks Blog will stay true to the original vision of Epcot. This also thrills us. Although, Walt’s vision for Disney was evolution and change to always keep people coming back, interested and excited; we love nostalgia and we hope that the powerful message of IllumiNations is continued and built on with this new nighttime show.

61We will absolutely miss IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth but we are excited for what is to come and also excited that we will have the chance to pay our respects to this incredible, almost twenty year old show that has wowed generations of Disney guests and will never be forgotten.

Are you excited for the new Epcot nighttime spectacular or are you devastated with the departure of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth?

We would love to hear your thoughts on all of these changes coming to Walt Disney World. What are you excited about? What are you apprehensive about? Let us know!

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget that it all started with a mouse!



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