Disney and Non-Disney Faves for September

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I am going to start a new series of blogs posts where I talk about some of my favorite Disney and non-Disney items. I am really excited to share this with you as I absolutely love following people’s posts where they share their current favorite items!

If you have some suggestions for things for me to try, whether they are Disney or non-Disney, be sure to let me know and I will give them a shot!

Since I am so excited for this first installment of this series, let’s jump right in! I am going to try to categorize them to keep some semblance of order, so let’s see how that goes.

Clothing and Accessories!

25The first thing that I am so excited to share with you is my amazing new Disney, fall, pumpkin spice tank top! I love pumpkin spice,  yep, I am a basic blond and I love fall in Disney and this tank top is amazing! It combines my love of glitter, with my love of fall and Disney. The shirt comes in a raglan but if you have ever been to Disney in the fall months, it is toasty so, I asked ShineDesignsTees on Etsy if she would do a tank top and she said yes! I want to also mention that it is amazing quality and just a wonderful find!

26If you have not heard of 4Ocean, I am excited to be the one to tell you about it! I discovered this organization through an ad that popped up on my Instagram and I love it. This organization was started by two surfers who wanted to find a way to make an impact on conservation and ocean cleanup. There are a variety of bracelets for different oceanic causes such as polar bears, sea turtles and more. The bracelets are $20 each each purchase removes one pound of trash from our oceans. I purchased the white bracelet for polar bears and have been wearing it for about a week now. They are simple with the 4Ocean logo on it, the color thread of your choice depending on the specific cause you chose and then matching beads. Super simple, super cute and for a great cause!

27Next up on my must-have list for this month is my new DVC Magic Band! This upcoming trip will be our first trip using our DVC points and we are just so excited. I love to collect Magic Bands and Bryson surprised me with this one a couple of weeks ago. It is one of the newest Dooney and Bourke Magic Band designs and it even comes in a little suitcase to keep to safe and protected. Although this particular Magic Band is sold out, Disney is constantly releasing new, amazing bands for all the collectors out there!

35.jpgNext is something that I love throughout the entire season. These are my absolute favorite Mickey ears that I own. I found them by chance scrolling through Etsy last year and I am obsessed with them. These are my Mickey Pumpkin Fall Wreath ears and they are amazing. I have never not gotten compliments on these and seeing as the Mickey fall wreaths in the Magic Kingdom are my hands down favorite Disney decor, these are right up my alley. Priced at $60, they are on the steep side, but they are handcrafted and absolutely gorgeous. The craftmanship on these ears is incredible. I cannot recommend this product to you enough.



33Football season is back and Bryson and I couldn’t be more excited. We are big football fans and attend a lot of college football games and I just love football gear. Being the over the top woman that I am, I really enjoy a unique and glittery or off the beaten path football piece and I absolutely love Live Love Gameday. This is a small business that was launched by former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (DCC) Sydney McArthur.

24I have been following Sydney’s journey since her rookie season with the DCC and was thrilled when she launched this fun company. She often carries really fun, glittery or unique pieces and I recently purchased a great shirt that was a crushed velvet and said, Home is Where the Field is. The velvet version of the shirt is sold out but there are others currently available and if you are a football or sports girl, because she sells pieces for other sports too, be sure to check her out!

Everyday Essentials!

28My next must have for September is my 64 ounce Stainless steel YETI Rambler. As I mention in almost every blog and vlog we do, we are all about hydration. Bryson purchased a YETI Rambler well over a year ago and was taking it to work with him but I recently snagged it from him and have been loving taking it to work with me everyday. It is heavy and bulky and if you move a lot for work, I wouldn’t recommend carrying it around with you, but I work at a desk and it is perfect for making sure that I drink a ton of water everyday and it stays cold! I put a little ice in it in the morning and that ice is still there at the end of the day. This giant rambler is great when you want a lot of water with you.


Makeup and Skincare!

34I am absolutely loving my Pudaier Face Glow Liquid Highlighter! This highlighter is tiny but it packs a punch. A little dab will go a long way. I use it on top of my blush everyday to add a little shimmer and highlight to my cheeks. I purchased the highlighter in the #02 selection and I am looking forward to expanding my colors because I love the one I have so far. My only complaint is that mine doesn’t seem to close very securely so i will say that this particular one doesn’t travel well. But, it could be the one I purchased so if you use this, be sure to let me know your experience with this!


I am a lip gloss and lipstick lover. And, I remember back in college when all of the girls would hit up Victoria Secret for their lip plumper lip gloss and our lips would get all tingly and we would get this incredibly full pout for a night out. Well, I found a product at Walgreens that works just as good as that product from college and this one smells like chocolate. The Soap and Glory, Sexy Mother Pucker in PlumsUp is amazing. I just purchased it and am loving it. If you do not like the tingles of a lip plumping product, you are not likely to enjoy but I sure do. The PlumsUp gloss has a tinge of color and a little sparkle but it also has a great chocolate scent. If you are a fan of the plumpers but don’t want to spend a pretty penny, pick this baby up! You can pick this up for around $10.00 at your local drugstore.

36Tree Hut Passion Fruit and Guava sugar scrub is a true money saving and skin soothing game changer. I love a good sugar scrub. I enjoy treating my skin to a scrub once or twice a week when I am taking a shower and living in Colorado, my skin bone dry. It is so hard for me to find something that soothes my skin enough. I have a giant bottle of lotion at my desk, I keep lotion in my purse, I lotion after every shower and before I get dressed in the morning and I cannot quench my skin enough.

Even though my skin has acclimated to the desert climate that we live in, heading into the winter when it, as hard as it is to imagine, gets even dryer but when I use this scrub, my skin feels amazing. I am a tropical girl and this has a wonderfully tropical scent that just makes me happy. They have other scents and products as well that I have not tried but am absolutely considering.

Food and Drink!

31Both Bryson and I have to consume a lot of protein for our lifestyles. We do not use the word diet because our fitness and food is a lifestyle and not something we do for a short time; it truly is a lifestyle that we live. I have been doing macros for almost two years now and although I have changed my macro program and nutrition coach, the type of lifestyle that I follow remains the same. Bryson is working with a program called RP Strength. We eat a specific amount of carbs, proteins and fats in a day.

37.jpgI get so tired of shoveling lean protein in my mouth and I stumbled across the Premier Protein Clear Protein Drinks. They are amazing. I truly love drinking these. There are several flavors and I really enjoy the fruit punch flavor but we are able to buy the peach flavor in bulk so we purchase frequently. Each bottle has only 90 calories, 1 gram of carbohydrates and 20 grams of protein. That is a lot of protein in non-meat form and it is fruity and delicious. If you are looking to add some protein to your lifestyle, we highly recommend checking out these drinks.


32If you like candles, be sure to check out the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles scent from Bath and Body Works this fall season. Recently, Bath and Body Works had a sale on their three-wick candles and Bryson and I went over to get some good fall scents. I don’t like subtle scents, if I am going to buy a candle, I want my entire house to be filled with the aroma. We purchased two of the Harvest Gathering scents and one of the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle scents. The pumpkin scent is in the kitchen and both of the others are in our living room. That one pumpkin candle is so much stronger than the two living room candles and while both smell delicious, if you are looking for a strong scent, choose the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle and have your house filled with fall glory.

38.jpgLast but certainly not least, my Mickey fall wreath! I recently made a DIY Mickey fall wreath and I think it turned out amazing! Head over to our YouTube channel to check out how to make your own Mickey wreath and customize it for the season or the reason! I think it turned out really cute and I’d love for you to add one to your wreath collection.

That wraps it up for my first blog post of current faves. I really enjoyed writing it and putting it together so I hope that you enjoyed reading it. I would love to hear what your current faves are, so comment below, what you are loving right now!

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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