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If you follow along on our adventures, you know that I am a fitness addict and proud of it. I workout everyday and I love it. I even workout on Disney vacations because, for me, it gets my day started off right. There are several ways to get a good workout in Walt Disney World and we are going to talk about different options for workouts, creative ways to get a quick workout in, highlight some easy, fun and effective workouts and talk about which resorts have the best trails and fitness facilities.

Let’s get physical! (You know you are humming that song now too!)

40Let’s start with trails. There are so many great walking/running trails all over Walt Disney World, so where can you go to get a good run in before you hit the parks for a fun-filled Disney day? If you are going to hit the trails, go ahead and download the Charity Miles app (not a paid promotion of any kind) from the Apple Store or Play Store so you can, not only track your miles but also have your workout go to a good cause. With Charity Miles, a portion of the distance you walk, run or bike will be donated to a charity of your choice! Doing good for others while doing good for you!

37If you are staying at Wilderness Lodge or the campgrounds or cabins at Wilderness Lodge; there is a trail that comes right out of the front of the resort, back around the bus stops and heads all over the property, including down by the cabins and around to the campgrounds. The trail will take you on about a 2.5 mile run, and you may see some really amazing things that might make you think you are jogging in my home state of Colorado on a beautiful (humid) morning. Also, maybe I took a weird turn but according to my tracker, the run was more like 3.5 miles but I have a habit of not paying the best attention and wandering off on my runs.

41You will also see some great views of the lake, maybe some deer, when you are running by the campgrounds you can see the majestic horses in their stalls and maybe stop by and say hi to them. If running in seclusion makes you uneasy, you might want to opt out of doing this alone because running paths in Disney, especially early in the morning, are not crowded most of the time. You may see a few other adventurers but you will most likely have the trail to yourself for most of your workout.

42Wilderness Lodge also has a fitness center. The Health Center is called Sturdy Branches and is located in the Boulder Ridge Villas section of the lodge. The facility is free to guests staying at Wilderness Lodge and is available to guests ages 14 and up. The facility includes treadmills, bikes and free weights along with a few other pieces of equipment. It is small but it can definitely provide you with the tools to get a good workout in.

43.jpgMy favorite trail is at Port Orleans. Back in March when my mom and I stayed at Port Orleans Riverside, I would get up each morning and run along the trail that connects Port Orleans Riverside to Port Orleans French Quarter. The total trail is 1.8 miles and I’m not going to lie, one morning, I got lost but it is a beautiful trail that runs along the river and it is pretty quiet, especially early in the morning. I would see a few people out sitting or walking with their coffee or morning beverage but very few runners taking advantage of the trail so it was very serene and peaceful.

This is your only option for a resort provided workout “facility” at Port Orleans as there is not designated fitness center.

44Other trails include a short 1 mile trail that connects the Polynesian Resort to the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, a beautiful path that takes you around all of the Epcot Resorts and Swan and Dolphin that equals about 1.3 miles or the Buena Vista Drive run in the same area that is about 2.4 miles. There is also a trail around Caribbean Resort that equals about 1.2 miles and one around Old Key West that totals just around 1.37 miles. For more information on trails around Walt Disney World Resorts, be sure to ask the concierge desks and they can point you in the right direction and may even have a handy map you can follow.

45Not every Disney resort, as we’ve already mentioned, has a designated fitness facility but many do. Disney resorts that we know of who offer a fitness facility include The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge (Kidani Village for sure but we do believe there is one at Jambo House as well). Yacht Club, Saratoga Springs, Contemporary, Old Key West, Boardwalk, Dolphin (not technically a Disney owned resort but still on property) and Coronado Springs. These facilities are open to guests of those resorts and are available for those ages 14 and up.

38So, let’s say you are staying at a resort that doesn’t have a fitness facility and you aren’t in a running mood; what could you do? Here are some great, quick, workouts perfect for the hotel room that take up little time and can have a big impact.

First of all, and this is not a paid promotion of any kind, download the Wod Timer app from the Apple Store or the Play Store. This allows you to time your workouts in several different ways, there is a clock, a set timer, a tabata timer and an EMOM (every minute on the minute timer). I use this at home, at the gym and while traveling, I love this app.

For those who are unsure, a Tabata is a type of workout where you work for twenty seconds and get a ten second rest. The workout is eight rounds so each Tabata workout is only four minutes in length. Don’t think you can get a great workout in four minutes? Let me show you. Typically, I string a few of these together to total three to five total tabata rounds. When you hit start, you will have ten seconds to prepare before the first round begins.

46You will need for this workout, your phone with the Wod Timer or similar app, a space big enough to lie down flat without banging up your body and if you wish, a towel, to keep your knees from getting raw from the carpet.

Workout #1:

47Mickey’s Morning Routine

Tabata Style Workout

Round 1: Twenty seconds on, ten seconds off, eight rounds of air squats. Aim to hit between ten to twenty air squats per round. For each squat, your butt should drop below parallel and your knees should not cross over your toes, drive your knees outward and keep your core tight.

Round 2: Twenty seconds on, ten seconds off, eight rounds of situps. Your goal should be to hit around ten situps per round. For each situp, your back should go all the way back to the ground and your head should break the plane of your knees at the top of the movement. Variations include, hands at your side, hands touching over your head at the bottom and in front of your toes at the top of the movement, legs bent, legs in a butterfly position and straight legs. Try to remain consistent through the course of the series.

151Round 3: Twenty seconds on, ten seconds off, eight rounds of burpees. Aim to get between four and seven per round. A full burpee is all the way to the ground, (arms, chest and toes) pop up into a squat like position and fully extend to the top. For half burpees, go down into a plank position as your bottom position and fully extend at the top.

Round 4: Twenty seconds on, ten seconds off, eight rounds of pushups. Aim to get between twelve and twenty reps per round. Pushups can be performed as full pushups, chest touching the ground (no worming up, keep core tight to remain in engaged plank position), knees on the ground, incline pushups again a vanity or firm, non-moving surface or decline pushups, feet on bed and hands on the ground.

You’re done! Full body workout in twenty minutes. Between each round of movements take a one minute break. This is one way to get your day started off right! This is my favorite hotel workout and one I do often whenever I need a quick burn.

52Workout #2:

Donald’s Core Burner

This is a two part workout to burn your core!

Part 1: With a clock nearby, you have five minutes to hold a plank for a total of three minutes. Everytime you come out of the plank push pause on the clock until you work for a total of three minutes.

Part 2: With a running clock, work for one minute and use fifteen seconds to transition into the next movement. Transition between one minute of bent leg situps, one minutes of flutter kicks, one minute of side plank on your right side, one minute of side plank on your left side and one minute of straight leg situps. Repeat for four rounds.

51Workout #3:

Minnie’s Morning Mashup

This workout is an outdoor workout, find a space of grass near a trail or sidewalk to complete just so that you don’t get complaints from people beneath you.

With the Wod Timer app set to EMOM, work for thirty seconds and rest for 30 seconds for a total of sixteen to twenty minutes.

11Alternate the following movements for your working sets for your set amount of time:

Jumping squats (squat with good form, tight core and each squat must go below parallel)

Burpees (full or half)

Mountain climbers

Walking Lunges



Workout #4:

Daisy’s Daily Burn:

This is a quiet but effective workout designed to be quiet enough for a hotel room but it packs a punch.



For 20 rounds perform the following set of movements

10 pushups

15 situps

20 air squats

54Workout #5:

Pluto’s Downward Dog:

There is a funny story behind the name of this workout. We have two dogs and when I am doing burpees at home one of them does them with me. We even have it on video of her sitting and laying down with me as I do burpees and yes, it is the cutest thing that has ever been filmed.

There are several variations of this workout. All are effective and all are quick burners. For the burpees you can either do full burpees, where your chest goes all the way to the ground or half burpees where you go from standing to a plank and back to standing.

70100 burpees for time

:30 seconds of work :30 seconds of rest until you complete 100 burpees

For ten rounds complete the following:

10 burpees

10 situps

10 lunges or squats

55There you have it! Those are just a few suggestions for a quick but effective workout to get your day started or to end it on a high note while you are on vacation in Walt Disney World. Want more suggestions? Shoot us an email at and we will help you come up with the right plan for your fitness level, resort and time. Have a great hotel workout you want to share? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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