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131We are doing something a little different today and we are pretty excited about it. We have been getting some great questions from our family here on the blog, over on YouTube and on Instagram and Facebook. So, we decided to split the questions into two categories and doing a couple of Q&A’s to answer your questions.

This post will answer your questions for us and the next installment will answer your questions on how we do Disney and answering some of your great questions on Disney and things we recommend and can’t do without for every trip.

We received some really great questions and always love to answer questions from our Disney family so if you have a question go ahead and leave us a comment or head over to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram and ask there and we will be sure to get you an answer! So, let’s jump right in!

119What do you do besides Disney?

That is a great question. As most of you know, we live in Colorado but travel to Disney quite frequently. Although we post all about Disney and are all about that Disney life, we do actually do fun stuff outside of Disney. Both of us are crossfitters and we have been attending the same Crossfit gym together for four years. We love Crossfit and our Crossfit community and actually the family that we are going to Disney with in just a few weeks are a part of our Crossfit family!



We are both Colorado natives and both of our families are located here. We do a lot of stuff with our families, both our families have land, (my family has a much smaller property) and we love to take our beloved fur children to our parent’s houses to run around and live their best outdoor life.

118I am a big crafter and I love to do different crafty things for our home and friends and we are also die hard football fans. Come fall on the weekends you can find us at the University of Colorado cheering on our Buffs or cheering on our Denver Broncos!




Have you ever considered moving to Orlando? 

Yes. That’s the short answer. There is a lot that goes into that conversation. I actually had an offer from a wonderful company in Orlando several months back! For us, it has to make financial sense and it has to make sense for both of us. Bryson has an amazing job that he has held and worked his way up for some years so one or both of us would need to secure jobs that pay what we get paid here that would allow us to live the life we are accustomed to down in Orlando.

115As much as we would love to live in Orlando and go to Disney everyday, we would not move to Disney without jobs for at least one of us that would afford us the living we have here and the cost of living is lower in Orlando than it is here so high paying jobs in our industries are not abundant.

In addition, both of our families live in Colorado and although I have lived in places other than Colorado, Bryson has not, so it is something that we are in constant conversation about. Not to mention our parents health is always a factor as well. But, yes, I am always on the lookout for jobs in the Orlando area and should an opportunity arise we would have a serious conversation about that and would certainly consider it.



Do your friends and family support your Disney obsession? 

We have traveled to Disney with some of our family and are about to go with some of our good friends. Most of our friends and family don’t necessarily understand our Disney obsession but no one outright doesn’t support us. It’s our money and our vacation time so typically when people get a little weird about it we just laugh and say, “bet we could change your mind” and while we truly believe that, we don’t ever try to shove our love of Disney down anyone’s throats.

70Also, most of our friends and family know that we go to Disney a lot but they don’t know about our blog or our vlog. It’s not something that would interest them so we just don’t bring it up. Most people always say that they would love to come with us on a trip and we always leave that door open for our friends and family to join us on one of our adventures.

Bryson’s parents enjoy Disney and we are thinking of planning a trip with them for 2019 and my mom and I love Disney. We went this year and have been several times before and we are looking to book another trip this spring should everything fall in line.

127Where else do you want to travel? 

There are so many amazing places on the bucket list. I really want Bryson to experience Australia since I have been there before. I really want to go to Ireland and Italy and Greece and after watching the Bucket List Family go to Giraffe Manor in Kenya! I also want to free dive with whales in Tonga. If you don’t already follow the Bucket List Family, they are an incredible family who lived as a full-time traveling family for the past three years and in their Tonga video, which was the last video on their full-time traveling adventure, I bawled. I sat with Bryson and watched the video and cried, tears streaming down my face, cried. Not ashamed. I also really want to visit Alaska and stay at a country ranch and I want to go to wine country in California and back to Kauai. I love to travel, if you can’t tell from this answer.

125How did you two meet? 

We met in college. We both were in Greek Life, although I was also an athlete and was not as involved as I should have been, and we had the same friends. We didn’t hang out a ton in college but after college I moved to Washington DC, when I returned to Colorado, we started hanging out, then dating and then Bam! The rest is history.



What do you do for work? 

Bryson works in operations and has been with the same company for a pretty long time. I am currently working as a director for non-profit that serves as a day and resource center for the homeless community.

124What are your dream jobs? 

Bryson wants to be a football coach when he grows up (I keep telling him to go coach at a local high school or something on the side, but it is a big time commitment and he already works a lot of hours); or be his own boss. I want to open a dog rescue and work to save homeless and abused dogs from all over the world and find them homes and own a massive piece of land where they can run and be free. Or, I would love to be the Director of Communications for Disney.




Do you ski or snowboard? 

Interestingly enough no. I did both but have not done either since moving back to Colorado. It’s on the list though, I want to get Bryson up there because it really is amazing and fun.

What is your favorite season in Colorado?

Bryson loves fall and spring and I love summer and fall. I actually despise winter. I love Christmas but I despise winter. I don’t enjoy being cooped up in the house. I like to be active and be outdoors but since we don’t ski or enjoy winter sports, I find winter boring and cold. Bryson loves the cool temps in the spring and fall and doesn’t mind winter because the cold doesn’t bother him anyway (see what I did there).

134.jpgDid you both love Disney before you got together? 

I did! Bryson had been to Disney and had enjoyed it but wasn’t sold on Disney as an adult. I loved Disney and my cousin and I convinced our then boyfriends, now husbands, to plan a trip to Walt Disney World and that’s all she wrote. We went to Disney for one week in January many moons ago and before the trip was even finished, we were planning our next trip and now here we are!




Are you going to have kids? 

We aren’t sure! We are enjoying our little family of the two of us and our two dogs right now and although we are older (34 at the time of this post) newlyweds, we aren’t in a rush. We enjoy the freedom not having kids provides us but we will see what the future holds. We aren’t opposed to it but we aren’t in a hurry for it to happen.



Did you have a Disney wedding? 117

We did not! We had a rustic Colorado wedding and it was fabulous. We had a ton of people, over 200, come to our wedding. We found an amazing venue in the foothills and it was rustic and country and mountain themed and gorgeous and it was perfect for us. If we were to do a vow renewal someday maybe we would do that at Disney but we wanted to make sure all our family and friends were able to come and some of our family doesn’t travel so it was a perfect Colorado wedding for a Colorado couple. But, we had two honeymoons, only because our honeymoon was six months after our wedding and we went to Orlando before that so we decided to make it a honeymoon as well! Our regularly scheduled honeymoon was Hawaii!

114Have you considered blogging/vlogging about non-Disney things?

Yes! When we started this Disney adventure, we had no idea what it was going to become. We love Disney and we love talking Disney but I have been thinking a lot about also focusing on our daily lives outside of Disney. We never want to stray from Disney but we live in Colorado and it’s fun here too! We’ll just have to see!

That’s it for this post! Do you have a question for us? Ask away! We love to hear from you! Also we love receiving mail so if you would like to drop us a line, here is our PO Box!

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Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget that it all started with a mouse!

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