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89Today, we are going to be doing an in depth review of Cape May Cafe. On our last trip to Walt Disney World, we ate at Cape May Cafe not just once, but twice. The second night was something of a fluke; we were headed to Epcot and Teddan Edo in the Japan Pavilion in World Showcase and a torrential downpour and thunderstorm swept in and we decided to just check at Cape May, since our Minnie Van driver had just dropped us off at Beach Club and low and behold, there was an opening for two and we decided to skip the ponchos and lightning and stay warm at dry at Beach Club.

86So, Cape May is a Table Service restaurant at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. It is one table service dining credit on the Disney Dining Plan and is a buffet style meal for breakfast and dinner.

For breakfast, Cape May is a character dining experience. You can visit some of the “Fab Five” here. Most often you will find that Minnie, Donald, and Goofy are there for “Minnie’s Beach Bash.”

87Menu’s at Disney are always subject to change but you will find a good spread here. Mickey waffles, breakfast meats including sausage and bacon, eggs (usually scrambled), sometimes, assorted fruits, pastries are always available as well as cold cereal. The specialty dishes are often switched up but can include french toast, frittatas, eggs benedict and more.

Alcoholic drinks including bloody mary’s, mimosas and coffee drinks are available for purchase or with the Disney Dining Plan for those over the age of 21.



Dinner, in my opinion, is where it is at for Cape May Cafe. The selections are numerable and the food was really tasty. I will say, that having gone two nights in a row, we got a really good idea of what was available and what was consistently good from night to night. A seafood buffet is difficult, especially if the food is not popular that evening and sits out.

106I don’t love buffets for the most part. I love Tusker House but it still makes me uneasy to go there because I hate being full and I always feel like I have to eat my weight in food in order for a buffet to be worth it because they are expensive; especially at Disney.



95I really enjoyed the food here. There was a lot of variety and a lot of different types of seafood. There was boiled shrimp, grilled crab legs, crab claws, mussels in a delicious broth, fried clam strips, fried shrimp, salads including a caesar salad, a southwest salad, a pasta salad, a carving station with beef, several varieties of breads, fruit including watermelon, pineapple and more, and two soups both times we were there. On both occasions, there was a vegetable soup in a broth and a New England style clam chowder.

91There were also pasta dishes including an alfredo and then a mac and cheese in what I believe was the kids section, although I saw just as many adults taking advantage of this, including myself and the mac and cheese was tasty! In addition, there was corn, whole red potatoes and green beans and also chicken. Each night, there was a different speciality chicken dish that was available.

105Not only was there a wide variety of food offered, but it was by and large well prepared and had good flavor. The crab legs were great and there was an abundance of them. There was actually a castmember behind the buffet throwing them on the grill and monitoring them. We ate a lot of crab legs. They also had claws. I will say this about the claws; I love claws but they can be a lot of work and in truth, they were tough and a little rubbery.

99I think this was because most people, at least on the nights we were there, were going for the crab legs and not the claws so they were sitting under the heat lamps for a while and they got rubbery. Now, if you were there on a night when that item was popular, you probably had or will have a very different experience. That is the thing about buffets.


The other seafood dishes were good as well! I am not a fried food person but I tried the fried clam strips and put fresh lemon on them (there was a tarter sauce and cocktail sauce option as well) and I actually ended up going up to get seconds of that dish. I did not try the fried shrimp but hubby did and he said they were good.



The boiled shrimp were plentiful and I thought very sweet and flavorful. They were not peeled so you have to earn your shrimp but I prefer that.

121The salads were decent. Salads are a tough one on a buffet because with the dressing already on there, you have a limited window of time when the salad is fresh and crisp before it gets soggy. I enjoyed the salads but just be aware that they have been sitting there for a bit so they are going to get soggy fast.

110There were several types of bread on the buffet. There was a what looked like a rosemary foccacia, a sliced baguette, a dinner roll and a couple of other options as well. I took the baguette and dunked it in my delicious broth from my mussels. On our first night at Cape May Cafe, the mussels were my favorite thing on the entire buffet. You can’t beat a good batch of mussels in a flavorful broth and this did not disappoint.

There were also clams! Hubby got the clams; I am not a fan of clams. He ate all of the ones on his plate and said they were very tasty and enjoyable.





There are certainly choices for everyone at Cape May Cafe. Hubby’s favorite things were the crab legs and my favorite were the mussels. Even if you have folks in your party who aren’t huge seafood fans, they will probably find something on this buffet. I will say though, if you have someone who really doesn’t like seafood or a couple people who don’t enjoy it, maybe skip Cape May Cafe and find a place on property that has more of a variety that would offer options for those people because it is certainly seafood centered.

85Let’s talk dessert. There was a dessert table right when you walked into the restaurant. In fact, there were two. But, I’m not going to lie, I was really disappointed in the desserts. There were several mini cupcake offerings including a lemon, a red velvet and a chocolate raspberry, there was a mini apple pie and a no bake cheesecake. They were all fine; there was nothing wrong with any of them and I ate them but they were typical desserts, nothing special, nothing to write home about. We were actually celebrating our anniversary on this trip; and our next trip as well but that’s a whole different story so we were given an anniversary cupcake. It was cute, it wasn’t that tasty, but it was cute. 

120I’m a big dessert fan and these were just there, kind of like an afterthought, no real thought put into it but they put a lot of thought into the actual buffet so maybe they have found that people get too stuffed on dinner to pay that much attention to dessert. So, skip dessert here, it’s not great and go to Beaches and Cream instead. 

94Last thing I want to touch on is the decor. The decor is so amazing! I absolutely loved it. At each booth, around the restaurant there were beautiful beachy murals painted on the walls. Each one was different and looked vintage. On the columns around the restaurant that surround the buffet, croquet mallets are attached up and down the entire column; it is a really cool touch and one of my favorite parts of the restaurant. On the side of the restaurant that flanks the walkway to the pool and Beaches and Cream, there are large sandcastles in glass cases that are very theme appropriate and detailed. The colors are beachey and calm in tones of tan, sand and pastel blue.

Have you been to Cape May Cafe? What did you think? What was your favorite part or what are you looking forward to at the restaurant? We’d love to hear from you! Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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