The Great Magic Kingdom Alcohol Debate


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Today, we are going to discuss whether or not serving alcohol in all of the Disney parks, particularly in Magic Kingdom, dampens, ruins or enhances the magic of Disney. The recent decision made by the Walt Disney Company to serve alcohol in all of the table service restaurants at Magic Kingdom has created quite a stir among Disney followers and many in the Disney community. Some believe that serving alcohol at Magic Kingdom does nothing to diminish the magic of Disney while others are of the belief that there is absolutely no need for alcohol in Magic Kingdom; the magic is intoxicating as is.


We took a poll on our social media platforms and asked what people thought of alcohol being served at Magic Kingdom and at the other parks. We were actually quite surprised that the majority of people who responded said that they were disappointed in Disney’s decision to serve alcohol at Magic Kingdom but that they did like having an alcoholic beverage or two at the other parks.


We happen to agree! We enjoy going to Epcot and having an adult beverage in the World Showcase. It is really fun during festivals to go to the various kiosks and try the different drinks there and when festivals are not going on, it is fun to head into the different countries and grab a margarita in Mexico or get a grapefruit beer in Germany or a champagne in France.


Here is our thing about bringing alcohol to the Magic Kingdom. Why do you need alcohol in Walt’s backyard? Walt didn’t believe in bringing alcohol to the Magic Kingdom and we feel like he is looking down from that giant Disney in the sky and he is NOT thrilled with this decision.

5What does alcohol do to enhance your Magic Kingdom experience? We are honestly curious. Also, for those of us who are judging this decision. Why do we care? Unless someone is stumbling wasted around Cinderella’s Castle disrupting our Disney experience, this doesn’t affect our lives right?

Also, why is it that none of us seem to have an issue with the alcohol being sold in other parks but when it comes to Magic Kingdom, some of us are all up in arms? Let’s discuss. Magic Kingdom is the place where Imagination has no age, where we are all transported back to our childhood; where we can wear matching shirts with giant mickey heads and eat giant ice cream sandwiches and ride Peter Pan and meet Belle and it doesn’t matter how old you are, because everyone is allowed to be a kid in Disney. And kids can’t drink!


Now, let’s talk about the flip side. If an adult wants to consume alcohol in a place where consuming alcohol is allowed and is sold, why do we care? Unless the person are actively disrupting ours or anyone else’s experience; being disrespectful, obnoxious or overtly annoying, then it doesn’t affect the magic of my vacation and the percentage of adults who will be disruptive is minimal so the likelihood of this alcohol consumption having a negative impact on the majority of Walt Disney World vacation goers is slim.



6There are some amazing adult beverages in Disney; at the resorts, at Epcot, at Animal Kingdom, so experience them and report back on your favorites!

We do want to point out that if you are going to get wasted in Disney and Disney decides you are no longer acting appropriately they will remove you from property and you will be banned for the rest of your life. If you get a DUI on Disney property, the same fate awaits you so just be careful as you imbibe and always do things responsibly.




Bottom line, drink responsibly, let the magic of Disney intoxicate you and not the alcohol. There is absolutely nothing wrong with consuming adult beverages at Disney! Just be mindful of the place we are at; respect the vision of the man himself and respect the vacations and days out of all of the other guests who are paying just as much to be in the happiest place on earth.


That’s it for this post! What are your thoughts on alcohol in the Magic Kingdom? Have you imbibed? Do you plan to? Also, what are some of your favorite alcoholic beverages in Disney, if you consume alcohol? Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget that it all started with a mouse.




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