Best Vegetarian Options at Walt Disney World

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108If you follow our blog you know, we love to eat at Disney so we consider ourselves quite qualified to talk about all of the amazing food that is available throughout Walt Disney World. Although we are not vegetarians, we respect a good veggie-filled meal and are here to tell you where you can find some of the best vegetarian friendly options on Walt Disney World property.

95First off, be sure that you always check with your server or a castmember at counter service and table service locations. If things seem vegetarian, there is always a chance the item is cooked using chicken broth or cream so it is always best to double check.

Another tip, explain any dietary restrictions to the castmember or server and they will will with you to find items that fit those needs. Disney is amazing with food allergies or restrictions and always goes above and beyond to work with guests to provide a magical experience.

433One of your best bets will always be the buffets. There are always options for every taste and need at the buffets and the items are all that you care to enjoy, so you can fill up on most anything your heart desires.

486If you are at Magic Kingdom and are able to snag a dining reservation at Be Our Guest you will have the option to try the layered ratatouille. Quinoa, layers of summery vegetables and tomatoes in a tomato based sauce, make this dish a worthy and hearty option for vegetarians and meat eaters alike!

Other Magic Kingdom offerings include caprese pizza and salad choices at Pinocchio Village Haus, Waffles, fresh fruit and pastries at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, there is a roasted vegetable rice bowl at Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, a vegetarian chili that is pretty tasty at Columbia Harbor House and a noodle salad and curry vegetable stew at Jungle Skipper Canteen.

181Additionally, the infamous dole whip and Mickey pretzels are vegan at all Disney locations! Be sure to check out other menu’s too because Gaston’s Tavern, Plaza Ice Cream Parlour and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe all have vegetarian and/or vegan options.

If you are at any park or restaurant on Disney property that offers the famous Mickey waffles, ask to speak to the chef or tell your castmember about your dietary needs and they will offer to make you “allergy friendly” Mickey waffles. Disney offers vegan/gluten-free versions of this famous treat. Along those lines, the potatoes are most meals are vegan.

Typically a chef will take you on a tour of the buffet if you are at a buffet restaurant or at a family-style restaurant, you will usually receive your own special meal that meets your needs.

13If you are at Epcot, the food mecca of Walt Disney World, you have several options available to you including Garden Grille in the Land which will always provide you with a family style offering that fits your needs. If you are not able to secure a reservation at Garden Grill, head over to Sunshine Seasons. This is a great choice for eaters of all types because there are so many options and types of food available here.

holaWorld Showcase has several great choices for you as well! In Japan, you can get several things including a vegetarian “sushi” roll, in France, there is a tartine provencale, and a quiche florentine, Morocco has a few items including a falafel wrap and a vegetarian platter, the nudel gratin in Germany is one of my favorite dishes and is vegetarian (not vegan) friendly, in the American pavilion you can get a vegetarian chick’n sandwich and in Mexico, head over to Choza de Margarita for one of my absolute favorite items in all of World Showcase, the guacamole!

Those are just a few things that are available to you in Epcot and just as in Magic Kingdom, be sure to check menu’s or talk to castmembers about additional options.

If you are in Epcot during one of the amazing festivals, be sure to get yourself a festival passport because all of the food items are available at every kitchen will be laid out in the passport and vegetarian and vegan items will be highlighted within the booklet.

379At Hollywood Studios, especially given the current state of things, items will be far more limited but as always, check with a castmember to find options that fit your needs. Rosie’s All-American Cafe has a black bean burger, Backlot Express has a grilled vegetable sandwich and ABC Commissary offers a couscous quinoa and arugula salad. Mama Melrose and Prime Time Cafe will also be able to work with your requests.

Animal Kingdom is the final stop for this post. Tusker House will be a great option for vegetarians and vegans and like before, be sure to let a castmember know so that a chef can come out and walk you through the buffet selections. There is actually a vegetarian cart at Animal Kingdom that has an entire menu of vegetarian friendly items! Mr. Kamal’s has Samosas, Hummus with veggies, an asian noodle salad and a falafel sandwich. Pizzafari has a vegetable pizza and Restaurantosaurus has a black bean burger option.

128If you are headed to Disney Springs you will be sure to find options around almost every corner that will delight your tastebuds but we are not going to go over all of those options in this post. If you have a favorite item or restaurant that really fits the needs of vegetarians or vegans be sure to leave a comment on this post so others can delight in your find as well!

That is it for this post! Please remember that menu’s at Disney are constantly changing so the items may be different when you visit the parks. Please let us know in the comments if there are other options that you love that we did not highlight in this post or if a menu has been changed and an item is no longer available.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started, with a mouse!



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