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Riviera resortIt appears that Disney is all about adding new resort options to go along with the new lands and attractions already in the works and that are set to begin in the near future and we think this is great!

We already know that Disney has begun construction at the first DVC Resort to be a part of a moderate resort. Disney’s Riviera Resort construction is well under way and is set to open sometime in 2019 (we are thinking it could likely be around the time of the Star Wars Land opening). You can read all about what we know about Disney’s Riviera Resort HERE!

Stars Wars Hotel photo courtesy of Disneyparks.disney.go

Then of course there is the highly anticipated Star Wars resort. Very little information has been released regarding this resort and I think there is a very good reason for that. This will be more than a hotel, this will be an immersive experience, that much we know. You will not be staying at Walt Disney World, you will be a part of the Star Wars story and will be immersed in the theme, the life, the legacy of this epic series.

Photo of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge courtesy of Disneyparks.disney.go

The Star Wars hotel will be a part of the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. As Disney has said on their website, this new immersive-resort will be a “seamless transition” to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and will be a “first-of-its-kind resort.”

When checking into the Star Wars Resort, guests will take a journey into space and embark on a journey that will last several days, we understand there will be a minimum stay to ensure maximum immersion into the experience. Guests will even have the option to dress in Star Wars themed attire during their experience!

127Those resorts we know are coming to Walt Disney World but there are rumors swirling of two other resorts coming to Walt Disney World! It seems that Epcot could be the home of Disney World’s first in-park hotel. This would not be the first in-park resort for Disney as there is an in-park resort at both Disneyland Paris and Disneyland in California but it would be a first for the largest of the Disney properties, Walt Disney World.

92If true, the resort could possibly be placed at the entrance to Epcot near the Monorail stop at Epcot OR it could be located in what is currently a backstage area for Epcot that sits in between the Land and the Seas pavilions. I believe that putting the resort at the front of Epcot would make the most sense logistically but that is one outsider’s opinion.

91If true for this location, the resort may replace the Leave a Legacy plaques that are located beyond the entrance before Spaceship Earth. We already know that Future World is going to be home to a number of refurbishments in the coming years with the addition of the Guardians of the Galaxy Ride where Ellen’s Universe of Energy once was and the possible addition of a space-themed restaurant that was just recently confirmed to be going between Mission Space and Test Track.

If this resort is going to happen at the entrance of Epcot, would it make sense for it to be done in tandem with these other confirmed improvements? If this is to happen and the goal would be for the resort to be open in time for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World in 2021? If so, we should expect confirmation on this resort quite quickly.

130.jpgOne sign that we soon will receive said confirmation is that on May 9 Disney filed 30 permits with Orange County, 27 of those permits were for the Avenue of the Stars, which is the perimeter road that encircles Epcot. All of the permits filed named Buena Vista Construction Company as the contractor for the work. The work highlighted in the permits was, as usual, very vague and did not reveal much to the nature of the work.

However, with the span of the permits being quite vast, it would make sense that the permits would be for the rumored Epcot resort! We may soon find out!

River Country photo courtesy of Orlando Weekly

Last but not least there is another rumored resort Disney is considering. Back in March, Disney filed several permits for the abandoned River Country water park. This plot of land has been virtually untouched since the water park was closed but is prime real estate for another deluxe resort on Bay Lake.

133.jpgThe permits that were filed were for a variety of exploratory items including “geographical borings”. Our assumption is that Disney is testing the soil to see if it is even viable for a resort. It is possible that this plot of land is not sturdy enough to support a resort. Project 89, which is what the permits were filed under is already near two existing Disney resorts, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground and Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Project 89 could potentially be an expansion of these existing resorts or Disney could be wanting to go in an entirely new direction. This rumor is the one we know the least about and the one Disney has not mentioned at all so at this point, we are purely speculating.

128Those are the confirmed and potential resorts coming to Walt Disney World. We know for a fact that the Star Wars Resort and Disney’s Riviera Resort are underway and scheduled to be open within the next few years. Disney has filed permits for the what we believe to be these other resorts but as with all things Disney, they like to keep us in suspense and the truth about why these permits have been filed will be made known when and only when Disney is ready to confirm them.

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