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If you haven’t already, head over to our YouTube channel, For Love Of The Mouse because we are bringing some of our blogs to life and are doing a series on our Top 5 selections for Flower and Garden Festival. Having just got back from Disney and Flower and Garden, I’m going to break it down for you with my Top five things to get if you can only get five things at this amazing festival.

87First of all, let’s talk topiaries. The topiaries are really what make this festival. That and the amazing pops of color all over World Showcase and Epcot in its entirety. There truly is no better way to bring in Spring then with the International Flower and Garden Festival.


Some of the must see topiaries are the Beauty and the Beast topiary in the France pavilion in World Showcase, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs which was absolutely incredible, The Three Caballeros, The Lion King characters and the Winnie the Pooh characters but be sure to keep your eyes peeled because they are everywhere. Another not to be missed visual for this incredible festival are the incredible pops of color in the lagoon pictured below. This can be best viewed as you walk from The Land towards World Showcase just by the festival kiosk.

Let’s get to the eats!

78Let me start by saying that there are so many things that I are absolutely incredible at this festival and to only pick five is kind of tragic. But, for the sake of this post let’s do it! You are going to the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival and you are only there for one day and you don’t want to stuff yourself because maybe you have a reservation at Garden Grill or Boma or some other really incredible Disney restaurant so you want to taste the offerings but you don’t want to overdo it and you decide that five things is the way to go so which five do you choose?

84My first must do is from La Isla Fresca. This kitchen is the first, or one of the first that you will happen upon when you enter World Showcase, if you head towards Mexico. The Tropical Mousse Cake. This was by far one of the most amazing things I tried at Flower and Garden. It was so good. If you follow our blog, you know that I go bananas over anything with passion fruit in it. This tasty treat combines a passion fruit cake with a delectable coconut mousse and a tropical fruit glaze with fresh pineapple. Talk about yum. If you like tropical flavors, you will absolutely love this.

83Next up, let’s head to Florida Fresh. This booth is towards the back of World Showcase. There are a few must try’s here and I will tell you, I have two that are landing on my top five list from this delicious kitchen. We are going to get the spicy blackened shrimp and cheddar cheese grits. These are so good but, just as the name says, they are a tad on the spicy side. Super good flavors combination in this dish; from the relish to the gravy, it’s all a wonderful mesh of flavors.

86Also at Florida Fresh, the key lime sparkling wine. So good. I mean, it is really, really, really good. It was amazing. There are several other sparkling wine options at this year’s Flower and Garden Festival. There is a pineapple sparkling wine at Pineapple Promenade, a Brut with elderflower and mint at Bauernmarkt: Farmer’s Market, a Bellini at Primavera Kitchen and a couple of others but if you are only going to pick one, get the key lime. In my opinion, it is the best selection.

Next up, we need something savory. Over at the Honey Bee-stro. I am going to give you two options here because it depends on whether you are craving something sweet or something savory. There is a honey tandoori chicken flatbread. This is a unique bunch of flavors that include sweet from the honey, earthy spices, it has white cheddar cheese and charred veggies and also a honey infused sour cream. I love the flavor combinations and highly recommend this dish.

81If you are in the mood for something sweet I can’t tell you how delicious the wildflower honey, mascarpone cheesecake with orange honey ice cream and fennel pollen meringue kisses is. The name is long but the taste is out of this world. I don’t even like cheesecake. If we go to a restaurant I will never order the cheesecake, it’s just not my thing but this is amazing. It is smooth and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness and it’s gorgeous.

93Because I am recommending you try only one or the other of the items at Honey Bee-stro that leaves us with one selection remaining. I am torn on this last one because there are two things at Fleur de Lys in the French pavilion that I absolutely loved but I am going to go with… the la vie en rose frozen slushy. It’s so good and it’s pink! This delicious frozen concoction combines white and red cranberry juices with elderflower liquor (yum) and Grey Goose L’Orange.

With the weather heating up in Florida, this is a refreshing spring treat that is sure to cool you down!







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That’s it for this post! Those are my top five picks, if you can only choose five, for the 2018 International Flower and Garden Festival. There are so many more delicious treats available though and I would love to hear what your top choices are! Thanks for stopping by Disney family and we’ll see ya’ real soon. For the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




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