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The menu has been released for one of the most talked about secrets of Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios; Woody’s Lunch Box. Disney is continuing to up the ante for food offerings in Walt Disney World and with the menu release of Walt Disney World, Woody’s Lunch Box will be a food destination at Hollywood Studios.

This isn’t your typical lunch box fare; you won’t see any slimy cold cuts, stale chips and crunched up sandwich cookies on this menu! So, what kind of offerings can you expect to see? Let’s jump on in and check it out!

Woody's Lunch Box in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood StudiosFirst of all, let’s not get carried away thinking that this counter service location will be offering five star meals. It’s a counter service location called Woody’s Lunch Box; so be realistic, but for a lunch box, this isn’t anything I got in my lunch box as a kid and it certainly isn’t what was offered for
school lunch!

toy story french toastWoody’s Lunch Box will be serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner which is really exciting as the breakfast options, and food options in general, are quite lacking at Hollywood Studios right now as the theme park undergoes major renovations.

toy story bowlThe breakfast options include a s’mores french toast sandwich (yes please) a breakfast bowl that includes potato barrels (tater tots) brisket and country gravy and scrambled eggs.



toy story parfaitThere is a breakfast sandwich with turkey eggs and swiss cheese and a banana split yogurt parfait that looks absolutely amazing.




toy story pop tarts

Then there are the pop tarts. Yes, I said pop tarts. Woody’s Lunch Box will be offering two versions of a homemade pop tart and they will be available during all meals times. There is a raspberry version that has a flaky crust, a tart raspberry filling, raspberry icing and dried raspberries. There is also a chocolate-hazelnut version with the same flaky crust topped with white icing and caramelized bacon.

toy story briskeyThe lunch and dinner menu offers a variety of sandwiches and a few twists on old favorites. There is a brisket melt, we think this is what Woody would favor. This sandwich has cheddar and monterey jack cheese, pickles ad BBQ sauce on garlic sourdough toast. There is a monte cristo sandwich and a three-cheese grilled cheese. Side options will include mini BabyBel cheeses (the official sponsor of Woody’s Lunch Box), tomato basil soup, macaroni salad and potato barrels (tater tots).

toy story drinksThere are various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available. There are root-beer floats and a specialty non-alcoholic drink called mystic portal punch that includes POWERade Mountain Berry Blast. This beverage also comes with an optional souvenir cup with a cute little green alien guy in there. Be sure to remember that with any souvenir cup, you are going to pay a premium for it and you can always get the drink without the souvenir cup.

toy story3What are you excited to try at Woody’s Lunch Box? Are you headed to opening weekend or planning a trip to Toy Story Land this summer/fall? We’d love to hear what you are most excited about and what you think of the menu that was just released.

It is important to remember that this menu is subject to change and not final.

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