A Day of Eating at Epcot on a Budget


55Hey there Disney family! Who is ready for the third installment in our series on eating around Walt Disney World on $80 a day for two adults?! Today, we are headed to the food mecca of Disney… Epcot!

The hardest thing about eating at Epcot is deciding what to get! Our journey for this post, disregards the festival treats since they vary depending on the festival but stay tuned for installments of eating and drinking around Epcot festivals on a budget as well!

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13Unfortunately, as with all of the other parks, we are priced out of the character meals and most sit down spots in Epcot due to our $80 a day budget ($40 per person); but that doesn’t mean you can’t find amazing treats here and I will say, if you are confining yourself to burgers and dogs and popcorn at this park, you are truly missing out on a world of delicious food.





Surprise! For breakfast, we are not going to Starbucks! We are going to France! Les Halles, in the World Showcase is one of the only spots in World Showcase open for breakfast. This place is delicious and has a number of great options whether you are looking for a snack or a full meal, Les Halles has something for everyone’s taste and treats big and small.

51In addition to a great selection, a lot of the food here is really reasonably priced! We are going to get the bacon and cheese roll for $3.75 and the parfait aux fruits for $4.75. In addition, we are going to top off breakfast with 2 espressos for $3.00 each! That brings our breakfast total to, $14.50. Not too shabby. 


52For lunch, we are headed to Good Ol’ England! Yorkshire Fish Shop is the small, counter service space next to Rose and Crown where you can get the same fish and chips you get in Rose and Crown and it’s a healthy portion! We’re going to grab two of these for lunch and a Harp beer to share and our lunch total will be $23.48. The fish and chips are $7.99 each and $7.50 for the Harp.


61There are so many amazing things to experience at Epcot. In between your eating adventures check out Living With The Land over in the Land Pavilion where you can see the Walt Disney World greenhouses. This is a great tour because a lot of the foods and plants you see around Epcot and Walt Disney World are grown here. They are constantly innovating new growing methods and it is a great ride and experience.




For snacks we are heading back to World Showcase. You may wonder why I don’t head to Sunshine Seasons or anywhere outside of World Showcase. I believe the best food in Epcot can be found in World Showcase but if you are going to eat at a counter service restaurant outside of World Showcase, head to Sunshine Seasons.

58We are going to head over to Germany and Norway. Norway has Kringla Bakeri Og Cafe which is currently under refurbishment but will reopen soon! Germany has Karamell Kuche or as I lovingly refer to it, the house of amazing caramel goodness. These snacks are less than a lot of other treats throughout the parks so I picked three! You can mix and match a lot of available options because  most are right around this same price range.

From Kringla Bakeri og Kafe we’re going with the school bread for $3.49 and then head over to Karamell Kuche for the caramel and chocolate pineapple for $4.79 and the Caramel S’more for $4.49. Our snack total is $12.77 but be sure to look around the different pavilions around the world showcase for treats that curb your cravings.


Last but not least, we are headed to dinner in Morocco! Tangierine Cafe is a great option for food in Epcot. Somewhat outside the box and full of flavor, this spot has something for so many tastes and is continuously touted as one of the top places to eat in Epcot.



The selections that I chose are the lamb schwarma plate and the chicken schwarma plate. This is a lot of food and a wide variety of food as well. With the meat you get Morroccan bread and a variety of traditional salads and accompaniments. Both are priced at $13.99 which is a great price for a meal in Disney and that brings our dinner total to $27.98.

Our total for the day, after all of these treats is $78.73. We made it under budget! Let me know your thoughts on the choices I made and how you would change it, if at all.

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That’s it for this post. Thank you for stopping by and we’ll see ya’ real soon. What do you think of this series? Do you enjoy this type of post? Do you find it helpful? Let us know! Hope you enjoyed this post about how to eat your way around Epcot on a budget and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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