March Madness Disney Style!


It’s March Madness Y’all!

Let’s be real with each other for a minute, I don’t like basketball. I’m a football girl and baseball and pretty much anything but basketball but I’ve found a March Madness bracket that I can get behind!

disney pixar bracket

Have you done the bracket yet? Hubby and I did and let me tell you, it got spicy fast for me on the Disney side. I mean come on! You put Moana and Frozen in the first round, that’s like putting the number one and number two seeds up against each other in the first round of any post season play; it’s not going to end well. Frozen and Moana are two of the most popular Disney movies right now and I’ll tell you what, I jam out to “Let it Go” and “How Far I’ll Go’ in the car, in the shower and while I’m cooking, pretty much everyday, and that’s going to factor into my decisions because those songs are in my head!

487THEN! They put The Little Mermaid an Pocahontas in the same “game” in the first round again! What! Why would you do that to me? This is where this bracket gets fun because for some people, those decisions may not have been hard. I’m not going to lie if you Moana and Frozen weren’t hard for you, you need to brush up on your Disney love and get to belting out those tunes my friend.


For hubby, he loves those Pixar movies so that side might have been a little more difficult for him. I don’t love Pixar movies, like I really can say, wholeheartedly that no Pixar movie would have stood up against the majority of the movies on the Disney side for me. Again, this is why this is fun. Everyone’s bracket is different!

forzne1What are your top movies from Disney or Pixar? Like top seven movies from that whole list, what are yours? Here are mine, in no particular order:

Beauty and The Beast

Lion King

The Little Mermaid





Notice a theme? Yeah… not one of those movies is a Pixar movie.

smileFor hubby, he would totally have Pixar movies in there. Here are his top seven, again, in no particular order:

Lion King

Toy Story

Beauty and the Beast

Monsters Inc



Finding Nemo

355See how much fun we are having here! Everyone’s is different! That is the beauty of Disney. Something for everyone and everyone has something. For me, the majority of my list comes from when I was growing up. Every year, we would go see the new Disney movie in the theatre and then I would get the cassette tape and I would listen to that music over and over and over and over until I knew every song by heart and then my mom would have to buy me a new cassette tape because I wore the first one out.┬áNone of the Pixar movies have that pull for me but they do for hubby and a lot of other people.


mybracketSo, let’s get back to the bracket. We’ll start with mine and then move on to hubby’s. My first round winners were Lion King over Tarzan. Lion King was release in 1994 and Tarzan in 1999. Lion King was prime Disney watching time of my life and I probably didn’t see Tarzan until I was in my 20’s so Lion King, hands down sentimental winner for me and of course “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”… duh.

Lilo and Stitch one over Princess and the Frog for me but I’ll say that one was close. I just love Stitch. I love him. My other close ones were of course Frozen and Moana. I don’t even want to talk about this one really but I just love Moana and Pua and Hei Hei and I’m actually jamming out to “How Far I’ll Go” as I write this so there you go.

64.jpgThe other tough one for me was The Little Mermaid and Pocahontas. These were staples of my childhood and I think I actually spent longer on this one than any other selection. I ended up going with Little Mermaid.

For me, coming to Lion King and Beauty and The Beast for my Final Four were no surprise and Beauty and the beast is my absolute favorite Disney movie of all time.

I am not even going to go over my Pixar side because for the most part I just made choices. But I will say that if this bracket had been switched up and Moana or Pocahontas or Little Mermaid or Aladdin had been on the other side, my final four would have looked significantly different.

BbracketFor hubby, his Pixar decisions were tough. He loves Toy Story, all of them, they hold a special place in his heart and as you can see from his top seven, several landed in there. When I asked him, if the bracket had been switched up if he would have come to a different final four or championship game he said no. It would have still come down to Toy Story and Lion King for him.


What about you? Did you come to different conclusion then us? I have seen dozens of these brackets from disnerds out there and not one has been the same and that is why I love this!

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Thank you for stopping by Disney family and I hope you enjoyed this post and had a fun time filling yours out and maybe even comparing it to ours or to your friends and families. Happy bracketing and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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