Disney Weather Survival Guide


Hey there Disney Family! Today, we are going to talk about what to do when the weather turns in Disney. If you are an Orlando resident or visit often, you know that the weather at Disney is ever changing and you are very likely going to get caught in a downpour on your visit especially during certain times of the year like summer! The good news is that these storms typically are short lived, the bad news is that they are quite frequent and there is a good possibility you are going to get soaked or you are going to be there durig really hot times.

218So, when the weather takes a turn what should you do? Here at For The Love of The Mouse, we have some ideas! First of all, when the rain comes in, the crowds go out. So, if you don’t mind a little rain, packed an umbrella and/or a poncho (don’t buy a poncho in the parks, bring one from home), then maybe you want to stick it out because you will be able to really experience the parks without the crowds. Don’t let a little rain dampen your Disney Spirit!





Animal Kingdom:

If you are at Animal Kingdom and decide not to flee, here are some ideas on how to get out of the rain, or wind or whatever Orlando weather ails you. Head to Festival of the Lion King. This is an indoor show that lasts a significant amount of time; 30 minutes from the start of the show until the finish. Not only is this a good show but since it is indoors, it allows you to get comfortably out of the finicky Orlando weather.

410Another great indoor adventure is Finding Nemo The Musical. This show is also about 30 minutes long and is also indoors and in air conditioning. Hubby and I rarely do both shows on the same day but we almost always do one of these two shows every trip.  However, if you are caught in a rainy or blustery Disney day, it is not a bad idea to take in both of these great shows!

249Last but not least at Animal Kingdom, see if you can snag a dining reservation at Tiffins or Tusker House. Tusker House is my personal favorite character meal in all of Walt Disney World. Reservations are not always easy to come by for this gem but check it out and if the weather is bad, it is never a bad idea to walk up and see if there is availability because there could be a lot of no-shows for reservations. As for Tiffins, this is actually not a difficult reservation to snag and is an incredible dining experience at Walt Disney World. Be sure to check out our Dining review of Tiffins for more on this great experience.


Epcot is a little harder in bad weather. This is a sprawling park and getting from one place to another can take time and there isn’t a lot of protection from the weather. There are a few great places to go though and we will touch base on them here!


Head over to The Land. Try to snag a fast pass for Soarin’ or even just hop in line. Grab a rose gold cupcake from Sunshine Seasons and take on the stand by line for this popular attraction. While you are at the Land check out Living With The Land. This is an “old school” ride but is super informative and I love it! You can see a lot of the things that are grown on property for various restaurants and decor; it really is a great ride.

When you’re done at the Land, grab your umbrella and make the short jaunt over to the Seas With Nemo and Friends. A family friendly ride, the cue is incredibly long so you’ll spend a good few minutes winding through that. Then, when you’re done there are aquariums and things you can wander through.

419We are headed to World Showcase next for Frozen Ever After. If you have time to kill, what better way, then waiting in line for one of the most sought after rides in Walt Disney World.






Last but not least, we are going to the American Adventure. This is a much overlooked spot in the World Showcase, especially by Americans; probably because we are in America, so why would you visit the American Pavilion. But, since it’s raining and we are looking for indoor activities, let’s trek over there and check out An Epic Journey. The show is in a theatre and you will see some of the founding fathers and prominent American figures tell the story of America. It’s actually a really great show so I would highly recommend it, bad weather or not.

378Magic Kingdom:

So, what would you do if you were in Magic Kingdom and you got caught in a downpour? Haunted Mansion is a good one, because the cue is covered so you will get at least some cover from the rain. Pirates of the Caribbean is a really good ride to do when trying to get out the weather. The entire cue is completely covered so be sure to head over there for that one! Mickey’s Philharmagic is so fun and you get to sit in a theatre, which is great in the rain because it’s indoors and great for the heat because it is air conditioned! This is a 3D musical where you will see many of your favorite Disney characters!

eeyoreSpace Mountain and Mickey Meet and Greet are my final selections for escaping Orlando weather. Both of these cue’s are inside and are things you should do regardless of weather! In terms of meals, be sure to be checking your My Disney Experience app for dining reservations at places like Liberty Tree Tavern, Be Our Guest and Crystal Palace for dining experiences when people flee because of rain.

406Last but not least we are headed to Disney Springs. Disney Springs is chock full of wonderful things to do when you are trying to stay out of the rain or the heat. First up, The Lego Store! Young or old, there is something for everyone in this store. From amazing Lego structures to Lego’s in every color imaginable.



World of Disney is also here. The largest Disney store in the world! 12 rooms, pure Disney, a must see for every trip and a simple way to get out of the weather. Restaurant after restaurant! No matter what your taste or what you are in the mood for, there is something for you in Disney Springs. Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming is being touted as one of the best restaurants on Disney property, Morimoto Asia, Blaze Pizza, Sprinkles Cupcakes and so much more! Grab a drink, an app or a full meal and kill some time while you watch the storm pass by.




That’s it for this post but don’t think that this is all you can do in Disney to beat the heat or avoid the rain. There are plenty of other ways to stay entertained during a storm. What are your favorite things to do to get out of the weather in Disney that we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear from you! Thank you for stopping by and we’ll see ya’ real soon and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.





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