Eating Around Animal Kingdom on a Budget!


280Hey there Disney family. Welcome to another blog post! We are big Disney eaters, if you have read any of our other foodie blog posts, you know this. If you haven’t read them, be sure to check them out! One thing about eating in Disney World is that it can get really expensive, really fast. Even if you stick to the most basic food choices, you’re food totals are going to add up quickly. With so much good food all over Walt Disney World, we don’t want you be stuck living off of hockey puck hamburgers, hot dogs and typical theme park fare; we want you to be able to experience the wonderful world of a Disney foodie and we want you to be able to do it on a budget; albeit a Disney budget.

397.jpgFor this series, it is important to remember that we carry our own water bottles with us. Hubby and I drink and ton of water and I don’t want to be constantly buying water. I carry a large backpack and it is heavy but worth it because I take 3 liter water bottles each day and we refill them probably three to four times and we are always hydrated!

267Let’s start this series at Animal Kingdom. With the opening of Pandora, World of Avatar, the food choices at our favorite animal park have expanded. I think Animal Kingdom has always been a hidden gem in terms of food selections and today, we are going to help you in your journey of experiencing Animal Kingdom on an $80 budget for an adult couple. Keep in mind, these are just a few of the selections and that Disney is constantly changing menus. Use this post as a guideline on your foodie journey and specify it to your tastes.



For this series, we will be doing breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner all at the same park and all for under $80 a day for two adults.

Let’s get started!

395Unfortunately, for the most important meal of the day, budget friendly options are not plentiful since breakfast is no longer an option at Satuli Canteen. So, we are headed to Creature Comforts. This is the Starbucks at Animal Kingdom. If you are not a big breakfast person, go a little lighter here and then you will have a lot more wiggle room for later in the day!

396We’re going to grab a venti Narino cold brew here for $4.49 and also a venti shaken iced tea for $4.49 and then also a Ham and Swiss Breakfast Sandwich for $5.49 and a sausage and cheddar classic breakfast sandwich for $4.49. That brings our breakfast total to $18.96. Tip on the drinks; the price difference from a tall to a venti for many of the drinks at Starbucks is minimal so you really are better off getting the larger version to get the most bang for your buck.

401For lunch we are headed to Pandora. Satuli Canteen is such an amazing addition to Animal Kingdom and I am absolutely loving what Disney is doing with food at Animal Kingdom. You can get delicious, flavorful food here with a ton of different options. You can really mix and match a lot of meats, bases, sauces to change up the flavors in the dishes here.

112For this post, we are going to go with the slow roasted sliced grilled beef bowl for $12.99. This is marinated in a variety of things including garlic, herbs and red wine vinegar and is served with boba balls (popping pearls) and crunchy slaw. For these dishes, you get to choose your base and your sauce. For bases you can choose different grains or greens and there are several sauces.

404The other dish we’re going to try here is the chili spiced crispy fried tofu bowl for $11.49. This is also served with the boba’s and the crunchy slaw and you also get to choose your base and sauce for this dish!

Now, let’s go over the sauces and the bases that are available at Satuli Canteen. For sauces you have the charred onion chimichurri, a black bean vinaigrette or creamy herb dressing. For bases you have the red and sweet potato hash, romaine and kale salad, quinoa and vegetable salad or mixed whole grain and rice. Please be sure to let us know what your favorite combos are in the comments!

388We’re going to round our our lunch at Satuli Canteen with two fountain drinks for $3.29 each. That brings our grand total for lunch to $27.77 and eating at Satuli allows you to customize your meal to your tastes and still fit it within the budget. For the day we are at $46.73. Please also keep in mind that I am not factoring in any tips or taxes for this so be sure to allow for that!

400For our Animal Kingdom snack selection we are going to stay in Pandora and head over to Pongu Pongu. If you haven’t tried the night blossom, you should. One, it’s gorgeous and two it’s delicious. If you don’t love super sweet things, maybe make another selection for your snack but I think this drink is amazing. Fruity with apple and desert pear you also get passion fruit boba’s on top. It’s so good! Since we are doing a post on $80 for two people, we are going to grab two night blossom’s for $ 11.98 total ($5.99 each).

391I’ve heard rumblings of a couple of pretty cool rides in Pandora, so be sure to check those out at well and let us know about those… be sure to fuel up before standing in line for Flight of Passage!



For dinner, we are going to actually grab two things from two different counter service locations so you can try a variety of things and perhaps share a few bites. For one, we are going to Eight Spoons Cafe and get one of the Mac and Cheese bowls. My personal favorite is the baked macaroni and cheese with shrimp and sweet chili sauce for $6.49. Technically, this is a snack but it is a great portion size and I think you will be filled up.

394For the second dinner dish, try the honey chicken that is available at Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe. This dish is great and there are a lot of awesome choices here. Don’t get this confused with the sit down restaurant; Local Foods Cafe is the counter service option just aside from the sit down restaurant of Yak and Yeti. Great for cheaper options and a wide variety of foods this place is definitely one to check out.

273The honey chicken is served with snap peas and carrots and also comes with white rice. A good sized meal for $10.99. That brings our dinner total to $17.88.





With all the food today that brings the grand total to $76.59. We snuck it in under the $80 budget. I really think that this menu gets you some great tastes of Animal Kingdom and plenty of food for two people. What are some changes you would make to the food choices to fit in a full day’s worth of food for under $80?

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you enjoyed this post. Let me know what some of your favorite things to try at Animal Kingdom are. We’ll see ya’ real soon Disney family and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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