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Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland have implemented new pricing structures for 2018 and it is making headlines. I set out to research the cost of getting into these beloved theme parks and found some very interesting things; one being, the price of admission to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland have increased every year since the 1971.

wilderness3In 1971 the cost for a ticket to Walt Disney World was $3.50. Wow! I know, if only that was the same today! We’re going to jump ahead a decade to 1981For a ticket to Walt Disney World in 1981, the cost was $9.50. However, the very next year, that price jumped to $15.00! By 1991, a one day ticket was $33.00 and had increased to $48.00 by 2001. In 2006, the price jumped dramatically from $59.75 to $67.00. In 2011, prices were at $85.00.

Let’s talk year to year now.

2012 – $89.00

2602013 – Disney introduced a new pricing strategy; one price for Magic Kingdom and one price for the other Disney Parks. The Magic Kingdom price increased to $95 and the price for the other parks increased by $1 to $90.

2014 – $99 for Magic Kingdom and $94 for the other Disney Parks

2015 – $105 for Magic Kingdom and $97 for the other Disney Parks

132016 – Disney introduced another new pricing strategy; pricing for value, peak and premium times at Walt Disney World. These prices were based on projected popularity of the parks and resorts in Walt Disney World. These prices are for Magic Kingdom, a one-day ticket ;  $124 peak season pricing, $110 regular season pricing and $105 for value season pricing.

2017 – Prices remained the same for peak season, but regular season pricing increased to $115 and value season pricing increase to $107.

On Sunday, January 11, 2018 Walt Disney World increased their prices for all parks. Prices are up $5 for peak days to $129 Peak, $4 for regular days at $119 and prices for value days increased by $2 to $109.

235These prices were for an adult ticket. I also did not include information relating to annual passholder prices, Florida resident tickets and annual passes and even more. I wanted to show, that although this is getting  lot of attention, this isn’t a huge deal, a unique situation or one of the larger increases.

Although I did not include previous years pricing for children, I will mention the newest prices that did increase in 2018. Value days pricing for Magic Kingdom will cost $103 for children, regular days pricing increase to $113 for children a $4 increase and peak prices are now at $123 for children.

176For the other parks, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, value pricing for one-day tickets will now be $102 for adults and $96 for children, a $2 jump. Regular season pricing increases for both adults and children and are now at $114 for adults and $108 for children, and peak pricing has been bumped to $122 and $116.

What other prices are affected?

The Park Hopper prices have also increased and are now set at $164 for value days, $174 for regular and $184 for peak.

171Multi-day tickets have increased as well. 2 day tickets have increased from $199 to $209, 3 day tickets are now at $325, up from $289, 4 day tickets are now $50 more than in 2017 and are priced at $400, compared to $350 last year and the 5 day ticket has gone from $370 to $415.

251Annual Passholder prices jumped too for both renewal and new memberships. For a new silver membership prices has gone from $419 to $439 and the price for renewal has gone from $356 to $373.

For a new gold membership prices have increased from $559 to $589 and for current annual passholders renewing their gold memberships prices are now at $500, up from $475.

food wine2Both platinum and platinum plus memberships increased as well. New platinum memberships are up $849 from $779 and renewal’s increased to $662 from $721. Platinum plus annual passholder memberships jumped from $869 to $949 for a new member and to renew that price increased from $738 to $806.

Let’s break this down. Bear with me, I got a headache trying to figure this out because math is NOT my strong suit but we got there in the end. For a 5 day pass to Walt Disney World in 2018 it will cost $395 for a single park per day and $470 for a park hopper pass. That breaks down to $79 a day for a single park ticket and $94 a day for a park hopper. That is still a significant savings. $40 savings for the single park ticket from the regular season park ticket for one day and $35 savings for the park hopper off of a single day ticket.

castleFor annual passholder plans, If you are a brand new platinum plus annual passholder you will pay $949. If you go to Walt Disney World, twice and were to get a five day park hopper and a four day park hopper you would pay $925; because a five day park hopper is $470 and a four day park hopper is $455. You will get your money’s worth just on the park tickets, not including all of the extras that you get with the AP plans in just those two trips or nine total days broken down in that way.

If you are renewing your platinum plus annual passholder plan, you will pay $806. If you were to go on two trips to Walt Disney World, one for five days and one for three days and purchase a park hopper for those trips you would pay $470 for the five day park hopper and $370 for the three day park hopper, for a total of $840. You will pay off your annual passholder renewal after eight days if you were to break it up in that way.

317Other services that have increased are the Minnie Van service, which is Disney’s answer to ride share. Prices have gone up to $25 from $20 to travel via Minnie Van from one Disney World destination to another.

So, why these price increases? As I mentioned, since Walt Disney World opened in 1971, the price for admission has increased every year. Disney is constantly evolving, improving and adding to their services, their customer experience and their parks. Naturally, they need to make a profit and they need to pay for the improvements and add-ons to the parks and resorts so it only makes sense that costs increase.

279I have seen a lot of media coverage and stories on social media regarding these increases and I have to say, they are pretty expected. Would we all love to continue to go to Disney and experience the old, the new, the exciting and all of the magic for the same cost? Of course, but we want improvements, we want the evolution of the customer experience and when you look at the increases over the years, these increases are par for the course for the happiest place on earth.

That’s it for this post! I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the price increases. Be sure to also check out our YouTube channel at ForLoveOfTheMouse and subscribe to that! Thank you for stopping by and we’ll see ya’ real soon and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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