Riviera Resort Coming to WDW

Riviera resort
Disney Riviera Resort concept art provided by DVCNews.com

With all of the construction at Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Disney transportation, the newest Disney Resort to be added to the Walt Disney Resort family has really slipped under the radar. Disney’s Riviera Resort is slated to open Fall 2019 and construction for this 300 unit Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resort, is underway! This will be Disney’s 15th DVC property

blog mickey riviera resort
Disney’s Riviera Resort construction photo courtesy of Blog Mickey

Disney has, I would say purposefully, but that is just my assumption, not based in fact, distanced itself from the Caribbean Beach Resort. And I think the reason for that is, there has never been a DVC resort at a moderate resort and I wonder if that wouldn’t be as well received as a DVC resort at a deluxe resort.



The Riviera Resort will be available for both DVC members and non-DVC, just as the other resorts are. The resort will also play host to a gondola station, which will provide access to Hollywood Studios and also Epcot and of course bus transportation will be available as well as the Minnie Van service.



Construction has already begun on this resort and at this time there is quite a bit of construction going on at Caribbean Beach Resort and all of the resort amenities. This can be good and bad. There is not a lot of food available at the resort right now and there is a lot of construction noise and partitions but it also means that you can stay here at a discounted rate so if you only use your resort as a bed and don’t spend a lot of time there, this is a great opportunity to stay at Caribbean Beach Resort.

wdw magic riviera resort
Disney’s Riviera Resort construction photo courtesy of WDW Magic

Disney Riviera Resort was announced at the D23 expo and is expected to have a variety of accommodation types across several price ranges and is expected to open Fall 2019. Similar to several other Walt Disney World Resorts, it has been announced that the Disney Riviera Resort will feature a rooftop restaurant which will have views of both Epcot and Magic Kingdom and their nighttime extravaganza’s.


324Back in 2014, rumors began to circulate that Walt Disney Company was toying with the idea of a DVC resort as part of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Permits were submitted for major changes to the existing buildings in January 2017, this included complete demolition and removal of nine of the thirty-three buildings at Caribbean Beach Resort. Permits also showed changes to the water areas surrounding the existing resort including at least one new pond.

The theming for this newest DVC addition has been kept under wraps by Walt Disney Company. I would expect the theme to include elements of the Mexican Riviera to fit with the Caribbean Beach thematic elements.

What is Disney Vacation Club?

Photo courtesy of Disney Vacation Club

DVC is a vacation timeshare company. Now, before you roll your eyes, this timeshare company is a little different because Disney is constantly striving to update and improve the DVC member experience. DVC members receive special perks in and out of the parks and has customized options that can fit within your budget and travel needs/desires.

292With your DVC membership, you are purchasing real estate interest in one of the fourteen (soon to be fifteen once Disney Riviera Resort opens) DVC properties. With your real estate interest purchase, you are provided a certain amount of points per yeat to be used on your Disney Vacation. This can be used at your home resort or at any other DVC property. Important to note, your points do not transfer to resorts that are not a part of the DVC family.

You can learn more about DVC HERE!



I scoured the internet for information on Disney Riviera Resort and like many other Disney projects, there is a lot about this upcoming resort that Disney is keeping under wraps. Stay tuned for more information as it is released about this new and exciting Walt Disney World property.

That’s it for this post! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed it; we’ll see ya’ real soon Disney family and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




4 thoughts on “Riviera Resort Coming to WDW

  1. We plan on going to the Caribbean resort in may through June do you have any clue how bad the construction tends to be around this time.

    1. Hi Philip! If you are planning on using this more as a bed and a place to stay at a discounted rate, you will be ok. Construction hours are only during the day. However, if you are planning on experiencing Caribbean Beach, and the food and the atmosphere, I believe you will be disappointed right now. Between construction and refurbishment of nearly all of the eateries, construction of Riviera and construction of the new Gondola system, construction through the entirety of the resort especially from Martinique, the Old Port Royale area, and Aruba. The pools are open but may be noisy and if you are planning on having a pizza night where you order in-room pizza, I would pick one up on your way back to the park because they are getting pizza from Pop Century at the moment and reports are that delivery is taking an average of two hours. My hubby and I typically use our rooms for a bed to crash at but if you are looking for an experience, I would be happy to point you in the direction of better accommodations until the Gondola and Riviera open in 2019. I hope this helps!

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