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We are just returning form our Christmas 2017 trip, actually, as I sit and write this, we are at the airport waiting to board our plane to Denver. This trip, as many of you who have read my previous posts know, we stayed at Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and I’m just going to tell you right now. It is out of this world, amazing and I would stay there over and over and over again.


It was breathtaking. We walked into the hotel for the first time and I was just wowed. It was incredible and I believe it would be incredible even if it wasn’t the Christmas season with the grand tree in the center of the lobby and the incredible gingerbread house and all the beautiful garland.

The entire resort is beautiful, it is convenient, which I think is a main reasoning people have for staying at this resort. You have quick access to Magic Kingdom, are right on the Monorail, have multiple transportation choices including Monorail, Friendship boat, Minnie Vans and there is a walking path that connects to Magic Kingdom and Polynesian Resort as well.

So, let’s go over the pro’s and con’s of  the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.



Richard, originally from New Hampshire, has been at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa for 26 years. He is a staple, an incredible character and a trip to the GF is not complete without a hello to this wonderful man!

222~ Convenient location to Magic Kingdom and other Monorail resorts

Great for resort hopping, exploring Bay Lake and the Lagoon and for getting to popular restaurants including Ohana, Whispering Canyon Café (although you have to transfer boats to get to Wilderness Lodge), Tambu Lounge, Chef Mickey’s and California Grill.


220~ Views

You have views of the Magic Kingdom including a great view of the castle at night and for the fireworks show right from the marina in front of Gasparilla

217~ Impeccable theming

This resort is beyond incredible. With the winter white and the bright red and the amazing attention to detail throughout the entire resort, it is easy to get carried away by the shock and awe of it all.


~ On-site dining

The dining options at Grand Floridian are awesome. I will say though that many are fancier than your typical Disney haute couture. Although no formal dress code is enforced at Citrico’s or Narcoosee’s, they recommend men wear khaki’s, dress shirts, sport coats are optional. There are no tank tops, swim suits, swim suit cover ups or hats permitted. At Victoria and Albert’s, there is a formal dress code and it is enforced. Men must wear slacks or dress pants, dinner jackets and ties are optional. Women must wear a cocktail dress, dressy pant or skirt suit, or nice dress. These are not the best places to go all hot and sweaty after a day of non-stop park hopping so you might want to shower and get a little dressy for fun nights out at these restaurants in GF.

224The tea room, 1900 Park Fare and Grand Floridian Café are more family friendly options at Grand Floridian. There are great options for all occasions here.

A few other pro’s to mention. The staff is wonderful. Of course, castmembers all over Disney are amazing but we had a great experience at GF in terms of service and they helped make our stay so awesome.





219~ Price

This is a deluxe resort and the price is steep for a night here. If you are one of those Disney travelers who only uses the hotel for a bed, this may not be worth it for you. You are paying for the convenience, you are paying for the transportation and you are paying for the experience.


~ Resort Hopping popularity

GF is a popular resort for locals and other vacationers to come and check out all that is going on so during busy times and weekends, especially during the holidays when the decorations are up, this resort is packed. Plan for extra time to get onto the Monorail from here and extra time to navigate through the lobby.

206~Monorail congestion

Although you have the convenience of this being a Monorail resort, this is the last resort to be dropped off from the Magic Kingdom, so on the resort line you will be stopping at Contemporary, Transportation and Ticket Center and Polynesian before you get to GF. This also means all of these people will get picked up before you on the resort line and during peak times you may be waiting a while to get onto a train. Remember though, you have other modes of getting around. Consider walking the path, or taking a boat. I don’t recommend getting a Minnie Van from the resort to Magic Kingdom but there is also that option.

Must do’s at Grand Floridian

218Take a Walk:

Walk the grounds and explore the resort. This resort is gorgeous and sprawling. You can walk all over and there are incredible views of the Contemporary Resort, Polynesian Resort, Magic Kingdom and more.

Visit the Wedding Pavilion:

If there are no events taking place at the wedding pavilion you can wander in and check it out. It is breathtaking. Beautiful details, stained glass, a gorgeous view of Cinderella’s Castle and a unique opportunity.


200Look for Details:

Be sure to not only be looking up but also be looking down. There are Disney details all over the GF, in the ornate floors, on the walls and throughout the entire resort.


Say Hi to Richard:

As I mentioned, Richard has been at the GF for 26 years, he is quite the character and always has a warm smile for everyone entering the resort. It’s a must do, to stop by and say hi to him!


That’s it for this post. Thank you for stopping by and I hoped you enjoyed it! We had such a great time staying at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, I would stay there again in a heart beat. Have you stayed at the GF? What did you think? What were your favorite parts or what did you not enjoy? I would love to hear your take! See ya’ real soon Disney Family and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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