Snack Credit Overload


So many snacks, so little time.

So, which should you go for? Let’s go, park by park through my favorite snacks to help you make up your mind and live your best snack life. Stay tuned for a resort hopping

226Let’s start at the hub. Magic Kingdom. In my personal opinion, Magic Kingdom has the least of all the snack options. I think Epcot is just a plethora of snacks and amazing food, whether it is during a festival or not, Animal Kingdom, with the addition of Pandora, has really upped their snack game as well, although, even before Pandora, they had some great options. But Magic Kingdom, has really simple food, which is great for some, I know people with kids are reading this and rolling their eyes, but let’s be real with each other for a second, Disney World is not just for kids and adults aren’t all about corn dogs an funnel cakes all the time.

So, what are you going to opt for? My top three and my husbands top snack as well. For me, the cinnamon roll from Gaston’s Tavern but you have to extra icing. Also, if you get this beauty during the holiday season it has green icing on it and they will give you extra green icing and you can turn your mouth green…it’s festive. Next up for me is the sweet and spicy chicken and waffle sandwich. This is one of my favorites and it is filling! It’s a great snack to share or a meal even if you aren’t starving. It’s a fried chicken cutlet tossed in sweet chili sauce with a slaw and served inside a waffle folded over this goodness. It’s a great option!

230Last choice for me is the ice cream cookie sandwich from Plaza Ice Cream Parlour. This thing is MASSIVE! It’s two chocolate chi cookies that are the size of a small child’s head, filled with your choice of ice cream ad then you can even get it topped with a sauce! Plan on sharing this one because it’s a lot. I asked hubby what his favorite Magic Kingdom smack was and he said, Mickey Ice cream sandwich so I will say, don’t leave Magic Kingdom without getting either the Mickey ice cream sandwich or the Mickey ice cream bar.

You’ll notice a particular treat is missing from my top and there is a good reason for that. I think the dole whip is over rated and quite frankly, I think it is bland. So, it isn’t making any top lists of mine.

234.jpgHeading over to Epcot this is a tough one for me because there are just so many amazing snacks at Epcot but here we go with my top three. First up! Choza de Margarita, here you are going to want to get the guacamole. This guac is amazing. We tried Chozo on our must recent trip and got margaritas and this guac. The guac is chunky and bursting with flavorĀ  ad it is served with light ad puffy, fried bits of flour-ey goodness. This dish is great and f course, get it with one of their margaritas. I love the Passion guava marg and also the guava pink peppercorn margarita.


Next, head over to Kringla Bakeri og Cafe and we are going to get the caramel apple cookie. This cookie doesn’t look like much, but it is amazing. It has great flavor ad is simply delicious. Next up head over to France because Les Halles is incredible and I think everyone should make a trip over to there during every trip to Epcot. Here, I recommend either the bacon cheddar roll, which is a giant, what looks like cinnamon roll, but it’s not, It’sĀ  giant buttery roll stuffed with cheese ad bacon and it’s awesome. My other favorite here is the frangipan. This is an almond paste stuffed inside a buttery, flaky croissant type pastry. It’s out of this world. The French pavilion has amazing food so be sure to check it out, there are so many amazing pastries you can’t go wrong with. Hubby wanted me to warn you though, don’t get the giant Meringue. It looks like a creamy, smooth, yummy treat but if you don’t know about meringues, and you think it will be this, you will be sorely disappointed. Hubby’s favorite snack in Epcot… drum roll please the bavarian pretzel from the German kiosk.

228Let’s head over to Animal Kingdom shall we? There are so many wonderful gems here and I feel like they truly are hidden gems. We’ll start with my number one snack at AK and that is cliche I know but the night blossom drink is awesome…a word of warning though, I have a sweet tooth, a big one and I had two night blossoms on our last trip and I felt a little sick after the second one. It is sweet, and has a to of sugar in it, so maybe just stick to one. Next up is the cheeseburger steamed pods from Satuli Canteen. These are tasty little vittles and come with chips so definitely a filling snack, giving you the energy to stand in line for two hours for flight of passage.

I am actually going to give you two more snack options that are outside of pandora because there is so much great food at Animal Kingdom. Firecracker shrimp at Yak an Yeti. I love these shrimp, they are so delicious. If you are stopping in for a sit down meal, be sure to get these for an appetizer. Last but not least we are heading to Eight Spoon Cafe. Here you are going to want to try one of the three mac and cheese bowls. They have a traditional bowl which is just your traditional mac and cheese, you have a pulled pork option and also a shrimp topped option which is shrimp tossed in sweet chili sauce. You will want to check these out.

That’s it for this post. Thank you for stopping by and be sure to let me know what some of your favorite snacks are! Stay tuned for more must-try snacks throughout Walt Disney World. We’ll see ya’ real soon Disney Family and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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