Tis The Season to Resort Hop

Hey there Disney family! We’re back for another blog post! Let’s talk resort hopping at the holidays! Hubby and I just returned from our most recent Disney trip! Don’t worry, we have countdowns in progress for another and we are here to fill you in on all things Disney holiday!


Resort hopping is an incredible thing. Truly, until you do it, you may not understand but it is free and amazing. You don’t need a park ticket to board a monorail or a boat and you can get to so many amazing places to see them all decked out for the holidays!

That is what this post is about! Holiday resort hopping in Disneyworld. So, let’s get started!


We are starting at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa because…duh. On our most recent trip to Walt Disneyworld we stayed at the Grand Floridian and it was a dream come true. If you have not visited this truly incredible place, do. If you are in Disney for the holidays this is an absolute must do!

The garland, the details, the giant tree in the lobby, the gingerbread house. There is a special smell and feeling in the air in this grand ol’ place. Even though it was 75 degrees while we were in Disney, the Grand Floridian was ready for Christmas and exuded an incredible Christmas spirit. When we first walked in, I was in awe. My mouth literally dropped open. I love this place and I invite you to visit it during this special time of year and open your heart to the magic of this wonderful place. Be sure to say hi to Richard, who will in all likeliness be out front greeting guests from far and wide.


polyFrom here we will take a boat the the Polynesian. Or you can hop on the Monorail and head there. This is my least favorite holiday spot. I know, I just killed the mood, but I have to be honest. The decorations are fine. There is garland and a tree and there are native, beautiful Hawaiian flowers in the tree and the garland and I 100% appreciate it for what it is but I just felt like there was something missing from the Poly.

I spent several Christmases during my childhood in Hawaii and I will say, Christmas in Hawaii is different so it’s not their fault! I still recommend visiting and the décor is still themed very well and is beautiful.



wilderness2The next resort we are going to visit is The Wilderness Lodge. I absolutely love the décor at this resort. The giant tree in the center of the lobby is beautiful from all angles. There details in the wreaths and trees are fantastic.

There are little woodland creature ornaments throughout and I just really felt the spirit of the season here. Even though you are in central Florida, you get the sense you are in a cozy winter lodge tucked away in the mountains.






beachclub5Venturing off the Monorail, we are heading to the Yacht and Beach Club resorts next. The Beach Club is a must do! There is an amazing carousel made entirely of gingerbread, complete with Lilo and Stitch on the sides. You can’t miss this amazing display as you walk through the front doors. There are 18 hidden Mickey’s in this display. Can you find them? The horses are all hand painted and the snow flakes are made entirely of gingerbread and icing and hand crafted, each and every one.

beachclubThe Yacht Club highlights a beautiful tree and a small gingerbread display featuring the Boardwalk. Though not as grand as some of the other displays, it is still worth checking out.

The Contemporary Resort also has a gingerbread house. For the last several years, they did a frozen themed gingerbread castle but this year they abandoned the Frozen obsession and did a Cinderella themed gingerbread house. It has been moved to a different area this year from past year’s so be sure to hunt it out if you are at the Contemporary.

Last but not least we are going to head over to Animal Kingdom Lodge. There are no gingerbread displays here but the decorations are gorgeous. They are African themed and the tree, garland and wreaths are incredibly detailed and themed. Be sure to check it out on your next trip. Although it is off the beaten path, a trip to Animal Kingdom Lodge is always well worth the jaunt over there.

That’s it for this post. Thank you for stopping by. What are your favorite resorts to visit during the holidays? We’d love to hear what you love and why! Happy holidays one and all and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse!

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