Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – All You Need to Know

166We have done a couple of posts on Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP) but now we are going to dive in and give you all the details about it. How to plan it, how to execute it, how to navigate it!

First off, and we have mentioned this in previous posts, get there at 4. You paid for an extra ticketed event; get there when you can get in, especially if you didn’t do a park pass for that day! You can get in at 4 and Disney has done amazing things this year with entry for extra ticketed events and cordoned off an entire section of entrances, in order to separate those who are entering only for the event and those who have park tickets or who are annual passholders.

That has really helped. In years past, it was all one line and people who could not get in until the party started, held up the line for those who were there with regular tickets. This year, it is much smoother, but I still recommend getting there with time to spare during the busiest parts of the holiday season.

154As many of you know, we travel during non-peak times. We try to miss the crowds and only visit Disney during times when the parks reach a 4-6 range. The last week before Christmas there are no Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties. Every day is aMickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. This is excellent marketing and management on behalf of Disney. In an effort to allow more people to enjoy Christmas in Disney without every single Disney lover flocking to Disney the week of Christmas, they have spread it out over an entire month! It’s brilliant. However, if you are going to be there the week of Christmas, the park will be near capacity every single day and the lines will be outrageous for every single meet and greet, food item, ride, etc. so be prepared for that.

Because I will not travel to Disney during peak times (except in rare cases). To me, it is worth the extra price to experience and enjoy these events before the crowds arrive. In my opinion, it is well worth the money to travel earlier in the month and experience this at an extra ticketed price. Bravo Disney!

So, you’re in! You’re doing Disney at Christmas! Now what?

159First up! Get in line for a character meet and greet if that is your jam! The characters are out for these events and it is well worth the wait to get a photo with them. The Seven Dwarfs, if you are wanting your photo with them, get in line at 5:30 or even 5. This most recent trip, we got in line at 5:30 and had our photos by 6:55.

We got our photos with the most popular characters of the party before the party even technically started! The party may not start until 7 pm, but Disney is no dummy. The most popular characters come out well before the party starts and that means you can get your Christmas card photo before the cocoa is cold!

Here’s a tip: Ask a castmember. If you see a line and it seems daunting, ask a castmember how long they thing the line is. They typically follow the same characters and they can tell you how long you can expect to wait. We did that for Santa Goofy because the line seemed a bit long for us but the castmember said that Goofy was good about getting people in and out with a good experience and that the wait was only about 20 minutes. It was worth it! We got our Christmas card photo for this year!

Snag the treats!

80This year Disney branched out a bit with the treats and from what we could see, it was well received! I wanted to get the snowman pretzel option that was available at Tortuga Tavern but the line was CRAZY! It seems that people do like change after all! We ended up skipping the line and using a snack credit on a Mickey pretzel as we were on the dining plan.

If you are waiting in line and there is more than one person in your party, send someone to grab the nearest snack! Hubby and I traded off waiting in line and grabbing the peppermint cookie to sustain us! Look for the giant blow up candy cane and grab a snack while you wait!

See the shows!

150The holiday shows are not to be missed in Disney! Elsa lights up the castle in all it’s glittering glory, Mickey and friends put on a wonderful holiday performance as well! In my humble opinion, the Christmas shows far outweigh the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Shows, but again, I am not a Halloween person!

When you get your wristband for the party, you can grab a map and I highly recommend this because not only does it show where all the character meet and greet’s are, where the treat stations are, where the additional treats for sale are (only available during the party), it also says what time the shows are. So, make a plan. Grab your map, take a look at when the shows are and make a plan as to what you really want to see and do and do it!

Fast Passes!

Fast passes end once the party starts As only a limited amount of people are allowed in the park during the party, if rides are your thing, this may be the time to take advantage of the smaller crowds (if you are not visiting during Christmas week) and get on those rides.

90The first time hubby and I visited Disneyworld together we were walking around the park towards the end of the night and we walked past thunder mountain and these three kids came running by yelling , “We can keep this pace!” because there was no line. This has remained our mantra throughout our Disney vacations.

This might be the perfect opportunity for you and your crew to keep the pace and ride the rides that you can’t necessarily ride during normal Disney hours without a fast pass. Keep in mind though that there are still a large amount of people in the parks during these times and the lines aren’t always going to be walk-on for the most popular of the Disney attractions.

Stay late!


If your party, aka, if you don’t have little kids with you allows, stay later in the night. The later parades and stage shows will have much lighter crowds than the earlier ones. Mainly because most people with small children know they have a tight timeline for getting as much in as possible and will do the early shows the early meet and greets and then leave directly after the fireworks. If you are able, do the later showings of these and you will get prime spots with ease!

Stay caffeinated!

92Starbucks is open! Hubby is a Starbucks addict so we are regulars at every Starbucks in Disney and I can tell you that staying caffeinated is key to surviving a rope drop to close day in Disney. Are you on the dining plan? Drink are snack credits! Any size you want! Hubby always gets a trenta cold brew with half the water (they put the normal amount of water in but he keeps asking), I order a venti gingerbread latte iced, coconut milk, no whip during the most festive time of year and a venti sweet cream cold brew all other times but towards the end of the trip I revert to trenta iced green tea no sweetener because my stomach has had more than enough! Moral of the story? Drink that coffee because whether you are 10 hours in or just getting started, you are going to need it.

Stop and take a look around!

158You are in Disney! For Christmas! There truly is no more magical a place than Walt’s world for the holiday season and you are smack dab in the center of it. Take a moment, even if it is just a couple of seconds, on main street and look around you. This world, this vision, this is what Walt’s ideal utopia looked like. This is what he envisioned, 50 years ago. You are living in Walt’s dream land. Soak it in. I know it’s hard but just take a second and appreciate the man behind the dream; the man who created the happiest place on earth!

That’s it for this post! Thank you so much for stopping by! We are so appreciative that you are following along on our Disney journey! We will see you real soon for our next adventure and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse!

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