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Hi Disney family! Welcome to another adventure! I am starting a series of what is not to be missed in Walt Disney World. We are going to be making our way around the happiest place on earth and I will be sharing with you what I think are the not to be missed things. Today, we are going to start with Magic Kingdom


Magic Kingdom. Cinderella’s Castle, Main Street USA, Mickey Mouse himself! There is so much to do and see at Magic Kingdom, that you could go every day for a year and MAYBE, see everything. Most of us, can’t go to Magic Kingdom everyday so these are the top things I think everyone should see or do on their trip!

Castle PhotoPass: There are PhotoPass photographers located all over the Disney Parks that will capture magic and send it straight to you’re My Disney Experience app. My favorite photopass, one we get multiple times, each visit, is Cinderella’s Castle. All up and down Main Street USA, you can find these PhotoPass opportunities, where you can get your picture taken in front of Cinderella’s Castle at various angles and with various magical elements added to some. My personal favorites are the photo opportunity in front of the Walt and Mickey statue, where you also get a wonderful up close view of the castle in the background and the shot in the middle of Main Street, just past Plaza Ice Cream Parlour. You get a wonderful backdrop of the castle, right down the center!


Haunted Mansion: This is one of the original and iconic rides that opened with the park. The line snakes through the cemetery in front of the mansion. There are interactive elements that are fun for all ages and the ride itself can’t be beat. It isn’t a fast roller-coaster, there are no fast dips and drops but it is an incredible insight into the World Walt Disney envisioned for this magical place. The doombuggies that you ride in are fantastic, there are wonderful spooky elements all throughout. It is my favorite ride in Walt Disney World.

174Pirates of the Caribbean: Another classic! This ride will be shut down for a few weeks after the new year in order to take change the wench scene around but if you are traveling there during the holidays be sure you catch this ride at least once before it changes forever! The original Pirates of the Carribbean ride in Disneyland tugs at the heartstrings of Walt Disney fans because this was the last ride Walt Disney himself oversaw construction on before he passed. The Walt Disney World version is very similar and there has even been the rare occasion when Jack Sparrow himself (Johnny Depp) has surprised fans by being in the final scene of the ride or replacing the actors out front at the stage show.

147Fireworks: Although, I will be the first to say Happily Ever After is no Wishes, you can’t beat a Walt Disney World fireworks show. People often ask me, what my favorite part of Wishes was, the scene where Walt himself appeared on the castle, hands down. That one part, brought tears to my eyes, every single time. I am not opposed to Disney making improvements and constantly evolving. That was part of Walt’s vision, but I think to have a tribute to him in the fireworks show was an incredible thing and I miss that most of all. The new fireworks show, Happily Ever After is good! It’s nothing to shake a stick at and I still think it is wonderful but it is not as good as Wishes. It still lands on my must do list because if you never saw Wishes, you won’t know what you are missing and you will be blown away. Also remember, that is just my opinion, I have read blogs and watched videos from people who think it is better than Wishes! It’s all a matter of opinion…and not having Walt.

182Parade: The Happily Ever After parade is so fun! I loved the nighttime parade that has left Walt Disney World and is currently being shown in Disneyland but I love the character involvement at the day time parade. You get to see all of the princesses and their princes, the Seven Dwarfs, all of the Pirates of the Caribbean characters, Jiminy Cricket and so many more! This parade is a must see and since it winds through so much of the park, you can usually snag a great spot for it!

Last but certainly not least, you have to have a Mickey ice cream bar. I know this is a much debated subject and many other blogs will say that you have to have a dole whip. If that dole whip is in pineapple upside cake dole whip form, do it! But I really don’t think the dole whip is that incredible and I can’t go a trip to Disney without at least one Mickey ice cream bar! You can find them all throughout the park and they are also available for a Disney Dining snack credit, If you are on one of the dining plans.


That it! That’s my list of not to be missed things! I know everyone’s list is vastly different so I would love to know what your list is. Thanks for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse!



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