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Hey there Disney family! Thank you for stopping by for this post on our most anticipated restaurants in Walt Disney World for our upcoming trip! Our trip is just a few short days away and we couldn’t be more excited! If you follow our posts you know, Hubby and I like to eat, especially at Disney. So what could be more fitting than a post on where we are most excited to eat on our next trip.


Interestingly enough, our selections for this post are not all new. We have some standby favorites that we will be visiting that we are super excited to experience yet again. So, let’s jump right in!


First, I am by far the most excited to try Tiffins at Animal Kingdom. This is a newer restaurant and most people have given it incredible reviews. I will say though, that Disney Food Blog’s (DFB) A.J. did not love this restaurant and has stated that several times on her blog. That, however, is the beauty of the internet and of people, we all have different tastes. I, do not like peanut butter, so many of the things that DFB review and give stellar ratings for, are not among anything I want to try because everyone at DFB LOVES peanut butter.

Photo of Tiffins courtesy of DisneyWorld.Disney.go.com

I have actually written on our trip itinerary that we have to go to Tiffins hungry because the food looks so incredible. I really am excited for this and they have a dessert with passion fruit in it, so you know I will be giving that a try and letting you know my thoughts! Not only am I excited for the food here but also the attention to detail and the atmosphere. It appears from everything I have seen thus far that Disney truly did a great job in the theming for this restaurant. It is important to note that we are going on the dining plan so we will each be able to get an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert. This will set you back a pretty penny if you are not on the dining plan so be sure to check out the menu before making your reservations here.

roseandcrown christmas
Rose and Crown for the holiday photo courtesy of DrinkingDisney Blog

Next up, Rose and Crown in Epcot’s World Showcase in the United Kingdom pavilion. This is not a first experience for us, we actually went there for this exact meal last year on our trip. It was our first full day in Disney and we were at Epcot and we were going to Candlelight Processional that night and we went to Rose and Crown for Lunch. Well, we are doing it again and that is just fine by me. I always have to get a Harp beer there, because it is a traditional British beer, although you can find it pretty much everywhere in America as well and the Fish and Chips. The Fish and Chips here are actually really good. I say that like I am surprised but I will say, sometimes when Disney fries food, they really get after it with the oil and I am not a fan of that, mostly because I don’t eat much fried food. The Fish and Chips here, granted I drown it in Malt Vinegar (don’t judge, it’s delicious) and tarter sauce are really quite good! I know most people say you can’t mess up fish and chips but considering it’s one of the only friend things I eat, I consider myself a picky fish and chips eater and I give Disney a thumbs up on this version of the dish! Also, make sure to head inside and give a wave and a smile to Carl the bartender!

Photo of Satuli Canteen courtesy of WdwMagic.com

Satuli Canteen in Pandora at Animal Kingdom is next on our list! This will be a first for us. We have been to Pandora on our 60 hours of Disney trip recently but we rope dropped it on our way to Epcot and only spent a few hours here. We actually left before Satuli even opened so on our Animal Kingdom day, we are going to be getting lunch here. I already have informed Hubby that we will be going beyond our Disney Dining Plan (DDP) and also getting an order of Cheeseburger pods to share. You get two pods and chips and we have to give it a try. We will each try a pod and then also get a bowl. And, because as you know by now, my sweet tooth is out of this world, we will be trying the blueberry cheesecake here also. I am really excited about this choice. Although, there are no macros at Disney (Hubby and I follow a macronutrient eating lifestyle), I am excited that Animal Kingdom offers healthier options for food. I love to splurge at Disney but I always come back feeling so blah because we have strayed so far from our typical eating habits and I think Satuli is really onto something here.

235I had to put Hubby’s favorite on here. He loves Ohana. In fact, he just secured us a dinner reservation there for his birthday trip! Yay! But on this upcoming trip we will be going to breakfast at Ohana. I love the characters here but the food is just ok in my opinion for breakfast. Hubby LOVES Stitch so he loves the characters too but he really enjoys the food here for breakfast. There is nothing I don’t like about the food but I am not a huge breakfast person so it just isn’t my cup of tea in terms of deliciousness.

Those are the restaurants I am most excited to try out on our next trip. A couple oldies and a couple newbies. There are so many restaurants on my Disney bucket list, but you have to cross them off one meal at a time. I hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas for where to try on your next trip! Thanks for stopping by, we’ll see ya’ real soon; and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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