Epcot Festival of Food and Holiday Treats

Okay, I know, it isn’t called that. It is called, Epcot International Festival of the Holidays but I thought this was cute! This year, the festival has gotten even bigger and possibly better (I will give you my verdict on that post Christmas trip). Epcot Food and Wine Festival ends on November 13 and the Festival of the Holidays starts on November 19. That doesn’t give castmembers a lot of time to get the Festival ready but as with everything Disney does, they do it right and they do it quick! Considering Magic Kingdom goes from Halloween to Christmas in 12 hours, I think they can go from Food and Wine to Holidays in 6 days.

PhotoPass_Visiting_MK_7883086905What is Epcot International Festival of the Holidays you ask? It is a celebration of Christmas and Holiday traditions from around the world, Epcot style, which means not only are the traditions of various countries highlighted but also the food and beverages of the season are prominent throughout the World Showcase.

This isn’t a new festival at Epcot, it has been around for a while, but was known as Holidays Around the World but it was not as food centered as it has grown to be. In 2016, they added booths that include full menus, very reminiscent of Epcot Food and Wine and now, in 2017, they have added even more booths! There will be 15 this year, and just like at Food and Wine, you can get a passport to the adventures!

PhotoPass_Visiting_MK_7880476651I recommend getting the passport for a few reasons. One, it’s fun. Two, if you are going to go for multiple days, you can keep track of where you went, what you had and what there still is to try. Three, if they bring back the same things next year, you can track what you tried and make notes so you can jog your memory as to whether you want to get it again.

In 2016 there were 7 booths. Disney has announced that for 2017 there will 12 booths! This is getting big folks and we need to dive right in because time’s a wastin! In 2016 the booths had full menus but this year, it seems that the menus are huge! There are tasty vittles and something for everyone at almost every single booth! Next thing you know, they are just going to extend Food and Wine Festival and switch it over to the holiday selections, in fact some of these selections (at least a few of the wines) were at Food and Wine Festival.

501Now, I have to tell you, as soon as I saw the menus for this year, my heart kind of sank because I have had our itinerary set for this trip for over two months and now… especially our food choices have changed…drastically and now we have to plan ANOTHER trip to Disney so I can try the non-seasonal options I want to get in…oh darn!

We have 1 full day at Epcot planned, plus a night at Epcot where we will be going for the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party and then we also have another half day scheduled for Epcot so we might just get it all in! And if not, we are annual passholders and we will be back!

PhotoPass_Visiting_AK_7882272915Okay, now we really are going to dive in! We are only hitting a few highlights in this post! The absolute must have’s on my list! Then for part 2 we will go on a deep dive into the rest of the booth options for the festival!

I will say there are a lot more beverage options than food options it appears at this festival. Maybe the list I have is incomplete so we will have to see what it looks like when we get there!

xmas.jpgThe Cookie Nook Holiday Kitchen is our first stop and this is also a new booth for this year. There look to be a lot of tasty treats at this booth. I think top on my list will be to try the Frosted Gingerbread Cookie, I love a good gingerbread and I make an excellent gingerbread so let’s see how this stacks up! They have a Holiday beer flight that also looks interesting. There are several other holiday cookies at this booth but I want to see them before I recommend them to you because many sound very similar to the “freebies” they give at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and I would not tell anyone to spend money on those.

The Yukon Holiday Kitchen is up next; another new booth. We are getting all of the food here. There is a Seared Salmon with Crown Royal Whisky Glaze that is served with parsnip puree, apple chutney and hazelnut croquant. There is also a Traditional French Canadian Tourtiere with Canadian ketchup and last but certainly not least, Maple Bûche de Noël. Yep! Another yule log! This one is a maple and gingerbread variety and it sounds delish! I will also be trying the Ice Wine Flight. If you followed our Food and Wine adventures, you know, we like to eat, and we will be eating here. 

mkNext stop on my must try list is the Tuscany Holiday Kitchen Booth. I want to give the Fusilli di Gragnano alla Carbonara a try. I love pasta and carbonara so this, hopefully, is amazing. Last stop is for a delicious holiday treat, a feast for the taste buds. Glühwein from the Bavaria Holiday Kitchen Booth. Hot spiced mulled wine. I am so excited that this and I can’t wait to report back on the actual product.

We will be in Disney at the end of November, just 10 days after the festival opens. Join us on our adventures in Disney! Thank you for stopping by, stay tuned for more holiday fun and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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