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We are snacking around Walt Disney World friends! Have you checked out my posts on my top snack credit picks at Magic Kingdom and Epcot? Click on the park name to head over to those posts so you are all caught up! Today, we are going to Animal Kingdom. It’s a jungle out there folks and you have to navigate your way through it to get to the great food offerings at this incredible park.


Where to start, where to start… Oh wait, Pandora of course! Have you been to Pandora yet? Is it on your must-do for your next Disney vacation? I’d love to hear what you love or don’t love about Pandora in the comments! We did hit up Animal Kingdom and Pandora for a very short time on our 60 hours of Disney Adventures trip that we just got back from but we have an entire Animal Kingdom day mapped out for my birthday/honeymoon/Christmas trip in December.



drinkFirst on the list is the Night Blossom drink available at Pongu Pongu refreshments in Pandora. This drink is gorgeous, first of all, almost too pretty to drink…almost. It is magenta and yellow with boba balls (popping pearls) on top. This frozen concoction is a tropical delight. It is sweet, so be prepared for that, but you should really assume that looking at the colors staring back at you that it is going to be sweet. This is the best drink in all of Walt Disney World in my opinion. No joke, I know that is a bold statement, but this is better than a dole whip and better than Le Fou’s brew, hands down. So now you have to try it because it takes a lot to put up a statement like that and I want to know your thoughts.


Blueberry cheesecake photo courtesy of

We are going to stay in Pandora for our next treat. Over a Satul’i Canteen you are going to want to try the cheesecake. It’s blue. Actually, the cheesecake is purple, but the shell is blue and it’s awesome. It is a blueberry cheesecake, thus the colors, and this thing is sweet too. Don’t worry, I’ll get some savory options in there for you soon! So the cheesecake, is creamy and light, almost a whipped consistency which makes it really good and unique. You can taste the blueberry for sure. Then it is topped with a passionfruit mousse, which is the entire reason I ordered this. If you have read any of my other posts about food, if there is something offered with passionfruit, it’s going to get ordered by me. Definitely give this a try.

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Ok, ok, I hear you. We are going to get something savory now. Flametree Barbecue is our next stop for the loaded fries. This is a massive portion, definitely big enough to share and it is a steal of a deal for a snack credit because it is bigger than some meals! You get a pile of French fries. The typical thick cut, crispy fries that you find all over Disney, and then they pile them high with “cheese” (I mean is it really cheese? Do you really care?) the barbecue pulled pork that I really love at Flametree. It isn’t gourmet BBQ but it is good, especially for a quick service stop!

eight spoonsAnother savory item because I know, I know, not everyone wants to be on a constant sugar high in Walt Disney World. Eight Spoons Café. You thought I was going to Yak and Yeti, I know you did. Baked mac and cheese for the win here at Eight Spoons Café. They have three types (usually) but we are only highlighting my favorite one today. The best bet for your snack credit is the baked mac and cheese with shrimp and sweet chili sauce. The baked mac and cheese by itself is good (and you can order it just like that with no shrimp) but sweet chili sauce is my jam, I would put it on everything if it fit better in my macros, but there are no macros in Disney World so I’m getting sweet chili sauce and I’m putting it on mac and cheese. You are going to get a good sized portion here, if you are just needing a little something to get you by, you can share this and we do because I have usually ordered everything else on my must eat list by this point and I can only eat one or two shrimp and a few (big) spoons of mac. You won’t regret ordering this because when have you ever regretted ordering mac and cheese? This stuff is yummy.

lumpiMy last pick at Animal Kingdom is to head back over to Pandora and we are going back to the sweet side. We are going back to Pongu Pongu Refreshments and getting the Pongu Lumpia. Have you heard about this? I looked them up to see if these are a real thing and apparently they are, though they are usually filled with savory fillings but here in Pandora they offer a sweet version. It kind of looks like a sweet taquito because it has sugar crystals on top. Phyllo dough is filled with a sweetened cream cheese and pineapple filling. Yep, you heard right. You’re booking your trip right now to go try it out aren’t you?

So there you have it. My top picks for snacking your way through Animal Kingdom. Are your on this list? I’d love to hear what your top picks are. Thank you for stopping by, we’ll see ya’ real soon and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




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