Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Part 2


If you have not attended Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) yet this year, you have missed the boat, unless you have already gotten your ticket for tonight (Halloween) which is sold out. But that’s okay! It will be back and better than ever next year and this post and Part 1 of the series will gear you up to start planning your 2018 fall vacation to Walt Disney World.

20171021_185802In part 1, we covered some of the basics so in part 2 we are going to dive into what we did for our 2017 MNSSHP, what we will do differently next year and what I wouldn’t change.


What we did: wore matching shirts, took advantage of almost every photo pass opportunity, did a character meet and greet (Mickey himself), walked around to people watch and see the other characters, watched the parade, watched the fireworks. Although we didn’t ride Haunted Mansion during the party because the wait for the second longest of all the rides in the park (want to guess which was first) we did ride it four times that day, a personal best for us.

Hainted nightWhat I would do differently: Stand in line for the meet and greet with Pooh and friends, wear a costume, try the party only treats that are available (not all of them, but at least one). Watch the Hocus Pocus show at the castle. Get the photo pass shot with the Headless Horseman near the entrance at the top of Main Street.

Next year I am dressing up and I already have my costume ideas floating around in my head. You can bet that my costume is going to be Disney themed (duh) and that it will not be me dressed as Cruella DeVille in a fur coat because it was HOT this year when we went. This year we wore matching shirts and fun tip, if you are going towards the end of the party season, you can get adorable shirts from the actual Disney store for a very reasonable price. We bought ours towards the end and our shirts were $12. You probably won’t find many seasonal shirts on Etsy for that price (don’t get me wrong I love Etsy).

mickeys pumpkinI really did think that we did a lot and full disclosure, I prefer Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas. I mean for me, it isn’t even close. I am a Christmas person, if my husband would let me, because I am going to be gone for a time in December for work (and to Disney) I would decorate our house for Christmas on November 1.

What I wouldn’t change: I LOVED meeting Mickey, I would probably do that again next year. I wouldn’t stand in line for Seven Dwarfs (because we did for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas last year). I wouldn’t stand in line for Jack and Sally, because I am not a Nightmare Before Christmas fan and I would definitely not change watching the parade and scoping out a good spot well before the parade to make sure we had a great view.


All in all, if you haven’t gone to MNSSHP, do it. If you have, do it again and do different things next time because there is so much to do, unless you are a local and go several times a year there is always new stuff to do. It was a great time and if you are a Halloween fan, it is even more fun.

frot castleMy top three for MNSSHP. Photo pass with the cauldron in front of the castle and photo pass at top of Main Street with the Headless Horseman who we missed (those are a tie). The parade which is absolutely outstanding and character photo meet and greet (do at least one).

Thanks for stopping by Disney friend! I hope that you enjoyed this post! Happy Halloween to all. Please let me know in the comments if you have attended Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, what you thought of it and if you are already planning your MNSSHP trip for next year! And for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse!


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  1. Reading this post really makes me want to go! In our many trips to Disney, we’ve never even considered staying the evening for this event! Would you say the lines are pretty long for these photopass opportunities?

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