Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Part 1

20171021_185608We are back from our 60 hours of Disney trip! It was and continues to be well documented on our Instagram account (ForLoveOfMouse) so be sure to check that out. One of the main reasons for this trip, besides simply getting a Disney fix was to attend Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party. Full disclosure, we aren’t huge Halloween people. I am, or at least I used to be. I would start planning my costume months in advance and if we go again, I will most certainly dress up. This year, we did matching shirts (because we are so those people now and it’s amazing) and I had my incredible custom Mickey ears from Precious Arts Creations on Etsy.

We actually spent all day at Magic Kingdom, not just Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween (MNSSHP) party. We rope dropped Magic Kingdom that morning and remained at the Magic for the entire day. But that is a topic for another post. We got in line for our tickets before 4 o’clock, which is when, if you do not have a park ticket, but only have a ticket to the party, you can get into the park.

not soThat’s a very important point because every time my husband and I go to a “special” party at Magic Kingdom, there are inevitably people, who did not research and find out that you cannot attend said party without purchasing the initial ticket. So don’t be one of those people and be sure that if you are wanting to attend MNSSHP be sure you get a separate ticket for it. If you are wanting to be at the park all day as well, get a park ticket and a party ticket.

First, you have to take advantage of as many photo pass opportunities as you can. Many of these are only available at this party during this time of the year, so I highly encourage you to partake. They are available all throughout the park and the lines are usually not that long for them.

mickeysSecond, pick which character photo opportunities are your top priorities and get there early. The most coveted photo opps for MNSSHP are The Seven Dwarf and Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. If you are going to be back for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas, both character photo opportunities will be available then as well. However, if you are not, these are the only two times of the year these photos are available. Which is why the lines for them are so long. If you do want these pictures, get in line for one over an hour before they actually make their appearance (6:30 on most nights) and be among the first for one of the opps and then be prepared to stand in line for an extended period of time for the other.

pooh and friends halloweenOther character photo opps include Mickey Mouse in his Halloween costume, Winnie the Pooh and friends (Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore) in their Halloween best (beyond adorable and I wish we had gotten this photo). Daisy, Donald and Minnie, separate line for Minnie all in their costumes, Alice and the Mad Hatter, Cruella, Jack Sparrow, The Queen of Hearts with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and several others.

When you get your wristband for MNSSHP you will get a candy bag (hint, if you are really wanting to load up on candy go buy a shirt or something at the Emporium and ask for a large bag because the bag they give you is not so large; but it was fine for us because we did not partake in the trick or treating. You will also get a map of Magic Kingdom, this map is special for the party and shows all the trick or treating spots and also shows where the character photo opportunities are. It also shows where all the photo pass shots are located and where the special treats are located; like the pumpkin cheesecake dome. These treats are only available at certain locations and only available during MNSSHP.

Whether you are attending one of the last MNSSHP this year or planning a trip for next year I hope this helps you plan your not so scary night and I hope you enjoy hearing about our fun adventures. This is just part 1 of our MNSSHP series so stay tuned for part 2 coming soon and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse!





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