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We are continuing our journey through the top five snack credit options at each Walt Disney World park. Today, we are going to Epcot! My favorite food experience in Disney. This was the hardest for me. I love so many things at Epcot and there are so many things I haven’t tried and want to try but these are my top five. I am excited to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment on this post and let me know what your top picks for snacks at Epcot are!


First, we are going to switch it up today. We are going to start in the UK! I’ve written about this before, but why is it that everyone always walks into the World Showcase and heads left? Everyone starts in Mexico! We always do! Only one time, we haven’t and that was because we were booking it to lunch at Rose and Crown. So, today, we are going to UK first because there is nothing of snack value I want in Mexico, at least not until the new Kiosk opens up…someday…maybe. What is up with that Choza de Margarita by the way? They just delayed the opening of it yet again and are now saying “sometime” in 2018. They have been working on that for over a year and a half I swear.

Anyway I digress, to the UK we go! March right on up to the kiosk outside Rose and Crown and get yourself some fish and chips for two reasons. One, because they are delicious and two because it is a lot of food for a snack credit. It’s good fish and chips too! I believe it is the exact same that you get when you eat in Rose and Crown.


Next, Japan! I think this snack is highly underrated as well! This is another kiosk and I am going ot recommend the kakigori. What is a kakigori you ask? It is a shaved ice. Yep, I’m recommending you spend a snack credit on a shaved ice and you HAVE to get the sweetened condensed milk on it. If you have never tried it, you should. It’s so good. Light, refreshing, fruity, sweet. It has it all and it’s a big serving. It is a can’t be beat item on a hot Orlando day, or if you just need a break from all the heavy food and drink you are consuming as you  make your way around the world.

les hallesMy third Epcot snack credit item is in France at Les Halles. There are actually so many amazing things at this place, I can’t choose one, so I’m going to give you an option and I can’t wait to hear what your favorite choices at Les Halles are. My recommendations here are either the frangipan or the bacon cheddar roll. Both are excellent and these are complete polar opposites. The frangipan is a large, croissant like pastry stuffed with amazing almond paste or frangipan. It’s sweet, it’s savory, it’s buttery, it’s flaky, it’s amazing. The bacon cheddar roll is like a giant savory cinnamon roll. It’s a savory dough baked with cheddar and lots of it and of course bacon. They don’t skimp on the bacon either; you get a good amount of bacon and you can really taste it.

ziggy knows disney
Photo of Bacon Cheddar roll courtesy of!

italyCiao Bella! Our next stop is Italy! This is another country where I could just eat all of the food. I love the food here. Tutto Italia is great and Tutto Gusto and the kiosk. That’s where we are going today. The kiosk. I love the canoli cupcake. I have no idea why they call it the canoli cupcake because it is not a cupcake. Well, it’s got cake and it’s served in a cup so maybe that is why. This is a great treat. It is served in a plastic cup so you can see all of the layers. You have layers of cake and what I believe is pastry cream and it has little bits of candied fruit on top and it is topped with a whole mini canoli. That’s the best part. This is a great snack and a great sweet treat and this kiosk is really overlooked. I hardly ever see big lines for it.

caramel cupcakeLast but not least we are going to…(drum roll please) Germany! Any guesses where we are headed for our last stop? That’s right! Karamel Kuche. Picking a favorite in here is like picking a favorite day to visit Disney. I love so many things here but today we are getting the salted caramel cupcake. This thing is awesome. It is a large, moist, chocolate cupcake, topped with an amazing caramel buttercream and then drizzled with that famous Werther’s caramel. Close seconds for this place are the caramel apple cookie and the caramel and chocolate dipped fruit (try the pineapple).


So that’s it! Those are my top five snack credits at Epcot. What are yours? Leave a comment and let me know what your top picks are so that I am sure to try them on an upcoming trip!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya’ real soon and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.



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