Disney Shoots for the Star…Wars

Hey everybody! Bryson with another blog. I will start with I have been a Star Wars fan since I was young and my Uncle was babysitting me and we watched Episode IV when I was 8 years old. From that moment on I was drawn to the world of the light vs. the dark, good vs. evil, and the random mishaps of a couple droids. I am even a fan of the prequel movies (yeah I know they are not the best, but I still love the stories), I listen to the books when I am on the road, and I watch(ed) The Clone Wars series and have Star Wars Rebels set to record every week.


When Disney bought LucasFilm I was very skeptical of that purchase, I was very unsure what was going to come from that. However, with what was done in the prequels I also felt that George Lucas was trying to do too much and someone new needed to take the franchise somewhere else to get to the new heights where they could go. Enter Bob Iger and Disney’s Brinks truck of money.

It really took me until opening day of Episode VII to really feel comfortable with Disney taking the helm of my beloved franchise. I, like many, was worried that the awesome story we had known, would be made more kid friendly, and be “Mickeyfied” (made that word up).

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I think any Star Wars fan will say that Disney did a great job keeping true to the story of the Skywalker family; even going back to how Lucas shot the original trilogy while adding in new techniques (not killing us with CGI tech like the prequels). See when Crystal and I would go to Disney World and we would see R2-D2 ears, or a Mickey Icon Stormtrooper shirt I thought they were cool, but they were not for me to own. I was a firm believer that I wanted my mouse and my Vader separate, I loved what Disney was doing and the direction they were going, but I needed to know in my head that Star Wars was Star Wars and Mickey was Mickey.

d23However, with seeing what Iger and friends are doing with Galaxy’s Edge (aka Star Wars Land) and adding in that the new resort that will be an experience never had before, I can proudly say that I am all in with Mickey and Luke fighting off Kylo Ren and Maleficent together.

I should have known that Disney would look at every detail of this franchise and make sure it was done with an incredible eye for detail. Disney buying Star Wars was, in my opinion, the best thing that could have happened to this franchise. Disney bought Marvel, and I should have seen it coming since I was a DC comics guy growing up, and I can say that from what Disney has done with that franchise I have fully flipped to a Marvel guy (Batman and Superman 4 life though).

Disney gave new blood to Star Wars and has created a generational franchise that can bring fathers and sons together. Kids now want to watch movies from their father’s childhood, because they want to know who this Vader guy was and they become entrenched and want to learn more. They want to see Luke the Jedi defeat Vader, and learn that Vader is his father (Spoiler Alert!).

d23sSo while some series can only go as far as the groundwork from books can take them, Disney buying Star Wars has opened so many avenues from the main Skywalker storyline (if you didn’t know the trilogies are based on the Skywalker family story) with movies like Rogue One, the Han Solo movie, the just announced Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, and please please please give us a Darth Vader movie to show us just how powerful and awesome of a Sith he truly was.

What I want to end this with is I want all of you who are Star Wars fans and Disney fans to know that it is ok for you to embrace the mouse and the force. Nobody is going to take your Jedi or Sith card from you for enjoying what Disney has done or will do. Hope to see you all on a mission in Galaxy’s Edge in 2019, and as my wife says, for the love of the mouse never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


And may the force be with you!

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