Top Dining Experiences in Magic Kingdom

We love to eat. I’ve made no secret of that. So, in this post, I’m going to outline my top 3 dining experiences in Magic Kingdom. Now, read what I wrote carefully. This post is not the best food in Magic Kingdom, these are the best experiences, that come with food. There are countless amazing restaurants in Disney, but there are also amazing dining experiences. I will say that these experiences are worth it, you may not get the best food in the park but you will get an incredibly magical experience and if you can snag a reservation at these places, do it!


If you can get an early morning reservation at Be Our Guest, Crystal Palace or Cinderella’s Royal Table, do it! These are our top three dining experiences in Magic Kingdom and a bonus is if you can get a reservation early in the morning you can get in, eat, get your experience and be out and about in the park before most people even get to the park!

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace and Cinderella’s Royal Table are both character meals. Crystal Palace is a great buffet restaurant; this restaurant has mixed reviews but I happen to love it. If you are on the dining plan this is a one dining credit restaurant and is all you care to eat. For breakfast, you have your breakfast staples, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes and waffles, fruit and pastries.

Crystal Palace


The best part of Crystal Palace is that you get to meet the main characters from Winnie the Pooh! Pooh himself, Piglet, Tigger and my personal favorite..EEYORE! When you walk in, there are amazing topiaries of the Pooh characters as well so be sure to check this out.

For lunch and dinner you have pasta selections, lots of different salad creations, chicken, shrimp, beef, fish, various vegetables, rolls, desserts; it is a smorgasboard of food. And although I do think the quality of food is diminished anytime you put it on a buffet, I think the food is good and there are so many selections that there is definitely something for everyone.

Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest is another amazing experience but the food leaves something to be desired. I’m probably going to get roasted for that but, sorry, the food isn’t great. However, I still recommend it because the castle is beyond cool and it is totally worth the experience. To be fair, I have only been to Be Our Guest for Breakfast and rumor has it that the food for dinner is better albeit way more expensive.

Be Our Guest

Breakfast and lunch at Be Our Guest are counter service, meaning that you order your food, find a seat and they will bring it to you. You get assorted pastries as well brought to your table You get to select which room you sit in for breakfast and lunch, you can choose, the Rose Gallery, the Ballroom and the West Wing. We sat in the Ballroom right next to the window, where it was “snowing” outside. There was a beautiful christmas tree next to our table and every once in a while a clap of “thunder” would sound to really drive the feeling of a storm home.

The most popular room to dine in is the West Wing. Here you can see the Enchanted Rose which actually loses its petals. There is a portrait of the prince above the fireplace in the West Wing as well that has claw marks ripping through it. Also be sure to watch this closely because as the last petal falls, there will be a flash of lightning and the portait will turn to that of the Beast.

Here are a couple of my recommendations for breakfast. Either the croque madame, which is an open faced ham sandwich topped with a fried egg and a bechamel sauce ( a creamy white sauce) or the croissant doughnut. A fried doughnut that is topped with a banana caramel sauce (I’m wondering if this is similar to the topping on the Ohana bread pudding). Then it has pastry cream and chocolate sauce. A super sweet sugar high to start your day that’s for sure! Side note, you can also order The Master’s Cupcake which is topped with the famous “grey stuff”. Sometimes they change up what the vessel is for the “grey stuff” sometimes it’s a brownie, a cupcake, a tart but you can order it and you should so you can get the whole experience! The “grey stuff” is basically a cookies and cream frosting or whipped cream. “Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious.”

Be Our Guest

For lunch, you also have counter service and I recommend the french onion soup, the braised pork and you get to pick a dessert from the cart and for the experience I say, get the “grey stuff”. Dinner at Be Our Guest is table service and is worth it on the dining plan but if you are paying out of pocket, I do recommend going with breakfast if you can get the reservation. You do not get to select your room for dinner but you can always request just don’t expect it to be honored because it is one of the busiest restaurants in Disney.

If you do go for dinner and are on the dining plan, I’d go for either the assorted cured meats and cheeses as an appetizer, or the french onion soup. For an entree, the roasted rack of lamb, or the layered ratatouille. For a dessert, the same options are available for dinner as for lunch and true to form, I say go for the “grey stuff”. If you are like, enough with the grey stuff Crystal, fine, go with the eclair a l’orange; because Orange and chocolate are amazing together.


Is it also important to note that Be Our Guest is the only place in Magic Kingdom where you can get alcohol if you are over 21. This is only for dinner and I’m going to go ahead and say it and you can roast me in the comments but, I’m against it. I am; because you are in Magic Kingdom and you don’t need alcohol in Magic Kingdom, you should be drunk off the magic. There I said it. You can roll your eyes at me and that is fine and say, “I’m grown Crystal, I want a beer.” Great, have your beer; all I’m saying is that I am all for having a drink in Animal Kingdom and drinking your way around the world in Epcot but I loved that Magic Kingdom didn’t serve alcohol, I honestly did and I think they should have continued to not serve alcohol, even if it is just one restaurant and only at the one meal. Because this is the happiest place on earth and the most magical and you don’t alcohol to enjoy it. Quite frankly, you don’t need alcohol to enjoy any of the parks but I do enjoy having cocktails in the other parks.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Our final Magic Kingdom dining experience is Cinderella’s Royal Table. Probably the most coveted reservation probably in all of Disney. You are not going to this restaurant for the food; I’ll be candid about that. It isn’t horrible, it isn’t the worst or even close to the worst food in Disney but you go to Cinderella’s Table for the experience not the food.

My husband got us a reservation here for dinner on our last trip to Disney and I was beyond excited! We had a dinner reservation later at night and we were actually there for the fireworks (Wishes was still happening on this trip. Rest in peace Wishes). When you walk in, you get to meet Cinderella and have a photo opportunity with her.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Then you go up inside the castle, are seated in a small dining room, which is great and themed amazingly. I thought it would be weird because it was just my husband and I and everyone else had kids but of course it wasn’t! The princesses all make their way around and although I will say that we didn’t get as much attention as the tables with little kids, I get that and I had a magical time! Everyone should eat here. Hands down. This is the ultimate magical, princess dining experience and you should try to snag one of those coveted reservations and immerse yourself in the princess experience.

Cinderella’s Royal Table


Those are my top dining experiences in Magic Kingdom. Remember, not best food, best experiences. I recommend everyone tries to do at least one of these, you will not regret it. What are your top dining experiences in Magic Kingdom? Let me know in the comments, and roast me on the alcohol comment; go ahead, I’m ready but for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.





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