Loving Disney as an Adult

Crystal’s husband here; my actual name is Bryson, I figured I would get in on all the fun and do a “guest” blog post while sharing a bit of my own perspective on why I love Disney. I grew up going to Disneyland as a child, and later going to Disney World with my family while in high school for a conference with my Uncle and Grandfather. Though it was not until Crystal and I went on a trip to Disney World the first year we were dating, that I truly took in all the amazing things that Walt put into this wonderful place. This is why I wanted to make my first post on here about why there is so much to the enjoyment that Disney offers to everyone through the eyes of an adult.

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Now to all of you who are able to take your family, especially the little ones and enjoy a trip to a Disney park, I give you two huge thumbs up. Someday I hope Crystal and I are able to share that love with children of our own, but right now I am happy that my wife and I can just grab a suitcase full of Mickey tees and head out for a trip to our home away from home.

See, it was when Crystal and I finally went that I was able to separate myself from my everyday life and just let it soak in what all was around me. I was able to just look around and see all the details that this place had to offer me, that our local Six Flags just could not offer. To be honest, I am not a theme park person. I can’t stand waiting in lines, elbowing through crowds, bland amusement park food, and the basic everyday ride you see at every theme park.


Then I went to a Disney park, obviously not your basic theme park; and Disney has every last detail planned out. From the exact distance of the trash can placement(no more than 30 steps apart) to not allowing gum to be sold in the park, or even at Orlando International Airport for that matter, to a mickey figure in a window 3 stories up hidden in just the right spot.

The rides are not like any you will find anywhere, I will stand in line for an hour+ to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train any day of the week (remember I hate waiting in lines) just to catch the life like animatronic dwarfs mining gems. Why? Because it takes this large manly man back to a simpler time in my life, all while enjoying a really fun ride.


I will go to Columbia Harbor House to enjoy some delicious fish and chips and wait in the typical lunch time crowd (remember I hate crowds), because Disney makes the food just as good as if I was in Maine getting the real deal. I will go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and pay the extra money just to see the beauty that Disney puts into creating a true holiday spirit complete with Christmas trees and wreaths everywhere you look, hot cocoa, Christmas cookies, and all the characters in their holiday attire (did I mention they create snow in Florida?…just don’t catch it on your tongue).


If my wife and I want to go and enjoy some drinks we can hop on the monorail or grab a Minnie Van and head over to Epcot and enjoy a beer in Germany, or a margarita in Mexico and we can see all the little details from those countries that Disney brought in that ensure you get the true cultural experience. We can then jump over to Animal Kingdom (if you have the park hopper option) and meet our Avatar’s on Flight of Passage or go on a Safari, because no matter how many times I have done it each Safari is different.

I can get my Star Wars geek on and go watch the march of the First Order at Hollywood Studios. Why can I do all this? Because I am an adult (despite what my father and wife may say sometimes). I do not have my parents dictating what ride or park we are at, or do I have to make sure my kids are happy (again, thumbs up to all you that do this for your kids, you are an awesome parent). All I have is my wife and me, and we can go at our own pace and catch all the amazing details Walt wanted in his parks while enjoying everything at the speed we wish to.


Unlike in our typical day to day lives, at Disney you make the rules, you make you schedule, and you choose just how much fun you want to have (I suggest the maximum amount possible). Hopefully I have let you all into my world a little and let you see that just because you do not have kids you don’t have to miss out on a great time as Disney is just as much for adults as it is children. So as my wife likes to say, for the love of the mouse never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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