For the Love of the Mouse

Hi Disney friends! For this post, I wanted to give you a little background on me and my love of Disney and talk a little about why I decided to start up a blog dedicated to all things Disney (and Harry Potter World). My husband and I love Disney. If you have read of my previous blog posts, I think that is pretty clear. But, our love of Disney is not shared or really understood by many of our friends who probably think we are more than a little crazy.


Quite often, if we are home, you can find us catching up with our favorite vlogs dedicated to the Disney love and adventures of others. If you are interested in following any of these wonderful Disney vlogs here are some links to a few of the ones that we really enjoy.


Michael Kay and his waves of Disney is a great one to follow, his passion for Disney truly shines through. Disney Food Blog is amazing! They are dedicated to all things Disney food, what to eat, what not to eat, festival food, best restaurants and more! DIS Unplugged is another great one, these guys all live in Orlando and have the inside scoop, one of the our favorite things to watch of theirs are the Best and Worst of Disney that they will do where they countdown the top five best and worst of a certain category.


The WDW Couple is also great! We really enjoy them, because they remind us a lot of us. They do such fun stuff and actually, watching their video of doing the Star Wars Half Marathon, my husband said, although he is now backtracking on his previous excitement, but he said that he would do one! If we could walk. I agreed because duh! There are a few others that we watch as well but those are definitely our top picks currently.

When we were planning our first trip to Disney as a couple, we were planning with my cousin and her husband and my cousin and I did all the planning, but of course, we missed so much! We got a lot in, and were able to see and do so much amazing stuff but we really missed out on some amazing things because we just didn’t know. Now, I realize most people won’t be planning trips to Disney as often as we do so my hope to not only share our adventures and our love of all things Walt Disney (and Harry Potter) but also to help people in planning their own trips so that they know when are great times to go, some good ideas on what to do, how to plan, and more.


Disney is always evolving and I will always stand by saying that one trip is never enough. I absolutely know that for many people, one trip is all that can be and I totally understand that and my hope is that my posts can help you make your trip the absolutely best trip that it can be. I want you to be able to see what you want to see and find some things that are new, different and outside the box. Learning the tips an tricks from those of us who have been on multiple trips can really help you plan the ultimate magical Disney vacation.


Thanks for stopping by! I am truly glad you did. I hope that my posts can bring you some joy and also help you to plan the best Disney vacation for you. If you have any tips, tricks, questions or comments, please let me know below and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse!



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