A Day in the Life of Deluxe Disney Dining, Epcot Edition

We are eating our way around the Walt Disney World parks. After a day in Animal Kingdom we have arrived in the food epicenter of Disney, Epcot with our Deluxe Disney Dining Plan (DDP). There is so much great food in Epcot, I am going to do a two part piece here. Option 1 an option 2. There is of course the much anticipated Epcot Food and Wine Festival every year but there is amazing food at Epcot year round!


In case you missed my first post of this series, A Day in the Life of Deluxe DDP at Animal Kingdom, let’s review the Deluxe Disney Dining plan. For each day of your plan you will get:

  • 3 Table service of quick service meals
  • 2 snacks
  • A Disney refillable mug also comes with your dining plan that can be refilled throughout your trip at any quick service establishment on property.

The cost for the Deluxe Disney Dining plan is:

  • $106.68 per day per person 10 years and up
  • $38.75 per day per person 3 years to 9 years

Other details to note about all Disney Dining Plans:

  • All Disney Dining Plans have to be purchased as part of the Magic Your Way Vacation Package at Walt Disney World.
  • You must be staying at a Disney owned and operated resort
  • Everyone staying in your room must have at least a one-day ticket to one of the Walt Disney World parks.


Let’s get started!

A great tip for breakfast dining in the parks is to try to get an early reservation so that you get in, get your food and maybe even beat the crowds to a popular ride or two. Of course this is in an ideal situation where those coveted early spots are available. But whether you get an early reservation or not, there are some great dining options in the parks so if you can, take advantage of them!

Start your Deluxe Disney Dining Plan day at The Garden Grill. Located in Future World inside the Land (where Soarin’ is located as well), the Garden Grill is a character meal, it is one dining credit and the food is awesome! A lot of the fruits and vegetables served with the meals are actually grown in the Land Pavilion which you can check out on the Living With the Land ride.

The breakfast food includes Chip’s sticky bun bake which is delicious, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, seasonal fresh fruit, house potatoes and Mickey waffles. The Mickey waffles also come with a chocolate hazelnut spread and you can’t go wrong with that! Your breakfast is served family style and as long as you are wanting more they will keep bringing it. Non-alcoholic drinks are included (2018 dining plans include alcoholic beverages, click HERE for more details on that.)

Characters at the Garden Grill are Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale. Mickey is a farmer at this restaurant and visits your table in overalls and plaid. The restaurant itself is really great. It rotates so in the time you eat you revolve around the entire restaurant. There are great photos on the walls and you can even catch a glimpse of the Living With the Land ride. It truly is a great experience and one of the best food experiences at a character meal on property.


For your first snack head into the World Showcase and wander on over to either Germany or Norway. If you choose Norway go and get the chocolate caramel cupcake or the caramel s’more from Karamell Kuche. You will learn this about me, if there is an option for something involving s’mores I am all in on that. If you choose Germany you are going to want to get the black forest cake from Sommerfest. If you are wanting something savory opt for the Nudel Gratin, a cheesy, noodly, rich taste of awesomeness.



For lunch, if you are able to get a table at Rose and Crown do it! That is one of the most coveted reservations in the World Showcase and if you can get a patio table with a view of the water that is ideal. Make sure you say hi to Eric the bartender inside the pub. Eric is a staple at Rose and Crown. Remember that with the Deluxe DDP you get  an appetizer, an entree, a non-alcoholic beverage and a dessert. In 2018 you will also have the ability to get an alcoholic beverage (adults over 21).

If you can’t snag a table at Rose and Crown, Italy is the place to be. There are a lot of great treats in Italy but one of the lesser known gems is Tutto Italia. You will get an appetizer, entree, non-alcoholic beverage and a dessert. If there is more than you experiencing the World Showcase be sure to order different things so you can taste a variety of offerings.

tutto italia

My recommendations here would be the arancini for an appetizer, for an entree go with either the tortellini di ricotta or the spiedini di spada. The tortellini is rich and creamy cheese pasta with peas and prosciutto in a creamy parmesan sauce. The spiedini is a dish on the other end of the spectrum. The dish includes swordfish skewers with eggplant and vegetables. The dish is a lot lighter but is full of fresh flavor.


You are probably pretty full by now. Especially if you are attempting to drink around the world (stay tuned for that post) you might want to opt for a lighter option the snack front. Head over to Japan and at the kiosk called Kabuki Cafe and get yourself a kakigori. What is a kakigori you ask? It is shaved ice with your choice of strawberry, tangerine, melon or blood orange flavorings and you can add sweetened condensed milk. If you have never tried that, do it. It might sound weird but it is delicious.

For dinner try for that Rose and Crown reservation again, although I will say that a lunch reservation is easier than a dinner reservation. There are other great restaurants though, don’t get me wrong. Rose and Crown is popular for dinner because you have the opportunity to get a great view for IllumiNations.

A really great restaurant that is often overlooked is Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco. So many people walk right by Morocco without a second glance and Marrakesh is tucked in the back but they serve great food and there are belly dancers. Moroccan food is unique to the World Showcase and a place where you can really expand your palette. This is yet another restaurant where you will get an appetizer, entree, non alcoholic beverage and dessert.


My recommendations include the beef brewat rolls, Moroccan Jasmina Salad and seafood bastilla for appetizers. The brewat rolls are layers of puff pastry stuffed with minced beef, eggs and spices fried and spinkled with cinnamon and sugar. A unique experience for sure! The seafood bastilla is a combination of spices, grouper, shrim and mushrooms stuffed inside flaky puff pastry.

For an entree I encourage the lamb shake which is the national dish of Morocco and is served with couscous and vegetables and is just falling off the bone; the couscous m’rouzie fassi which is braised beef served with raisins, honey, eggs, sesame seeds and balsamic vinegar or the north Atlantic salmon which is served with infused olive oil, mushrooms, tomato and hummus.

For dessert they have a trip of baklava which is excellent, sweet and sticky. Or the bastilla which is puff pastry served with vanilla creme, cinnamon and sugar and toasted almonds. The food at Marrakesh is rich and delicious and the flavors are deep and full of various earthy spices. A true trip to the east.


Well that will wrap it up for this post. Thanks for reading and I hope this helped you on your journey through Epcot on the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan. Have other restaurants you recommend? Or other dishes at the ones mentioned? I will be doing a lot of posts on Epcot that will include more of the fantastic food choices throughout the World Showcase and all of Epcot.

Hope to see you soon for my next post and for the love of the mouse never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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