Imagination Has no Age

Walt Disney once said, “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.” Every person has been touched by Walt Disney in their life. He is so much more than just a man who made cartoons and built a park; he is a way of life. Disney is a way of life. You are never too old to experience the magic of Disney and I truly believe that. The emotion, the contentment, the excitement and the joy that washes over you when you first glimpse the castle, step off the monorail, walk into Animal Kingdom Lodge, put your ears on, finally see Mickey himself, is indescribable. To love and appreciate Disney World as an adult, especially an adult through an adult’s eyes is a magical experience.¬†fun

A great vlogger that my husband and I follow, Michael Kay ,¬†posted a terrific video about Disney shaming. Yes, it’s a thing. If you are an adult, especially a childless adult, with a love of Disney, you have likely experienced it. Check out the video here. Michael talked about how there are a great deal of adults with a passion for Disney who have created a wonderful community where we can share our stories, give and get tips and tricks and make magic but there are a lot of people out there who are downright confused. “Disney is for kids.” That is one of my favorite comments. Actually, Disney was created by a man with a vision, who believed that the magic he wanted to share, should be experienced and appreciated by kids of all ages, from 1 to 101.


Every time I walk through the gates at Magic Kingdom, I am overwhelmed by the details. It is said, that Walt Disney, when staying with his family in his apartment on Mainstreet at Disneyland used to wander the deserted street, early in the morning, in his bathrobe. It was his home, and he shared it with the world. I appreciate that and I am beyond grateful for his incredible mind and desire to bring this to life and I am determined to share my love of Disney and never be ashamed of it. I encourage you to do the same. Let me ask you this. When people say, where are you going? Do you say Florida or Disney World? Are you vague about it or do your eyes light up and you launch into a spiel about your itinerary (Yes, I have an itinerary. Another topic for another post). The point is, be excited about your adventures! Be proud of your Disney love and embrace it.

‚ÄčTraveling to Disney as an adult is an incredible adventure. You will never live the same day twice. You can visit the same parks, the same rides, the same festivals but every time will be new and joyful and an adventure.

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Let your Disney flag fly and be you. We all have quirks and things that set us apart, make us unique. Whether you have kids or not, whether you’re 30 or 73, single, married or have a giant family, Disney is for everyone, if you only allow yourself the opportunity to let go of what is expected and embrace the magic. Walt Disney created this wonderful world from an idea, a tiny spark, He didn’t create it for children or for adults, he created it to bring people together. Families, individuals, Americans, the World. He wanted to create a place that was separate from reality and that held tight to the hope this country was built on and that continues to shape our lives and our culture. You are never too old for Disney (or Harry Potter).

So, whether you want to remain a secret fan of Disney or make your love public, we, in the Disney community support you! So be you and go on your vacation, not the vacation others expect you to go on and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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