Disney Comes to Denver! Frozen Live Show!

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I had been looking forward to this for over a month! Frozen, the Broadway show has come to Denver. This is the final stop before it hits actual Broadway and is playing at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts from now until October 1 and if you can score a ticket to one of these shows, do it! You will not regret it! The principles are outstanding, the ensemble is on point, the stage is beyond words, the costumes are incredible and the songs are perfection.


This is one of, if not the best musical I have seen. Caissie Levy, who plays Elsa and whose past Broadway credentials include Les Miserables and Wicked, has a voice of the angels. “Let it go” is an incredibly challenging song with a large range and she nails it. “Let it go” brought tears to my eyes. It was executed flawlessly and was simply superb. Patti Murin played Anna and her comedic presence and wit was apparent from the beginning.

The way they portrayed Sven was adorable. He was so cute and though he had no words his personality shined through! Another great character was Olaf. I was unsure how they would portray Olaf, and thought maybe it would be the actor in a snowman costume but the character was played by Greg Hildreth and he was visible, working a large lifelike puppet. The contrast of characters was amazing and the chemistry between the cast was obvious.


The male characters were fantastic as well. Jelani Alladin (A very Disney name by the way), doesn’t appear to have an extensive list of credits but what he lacks in experience he made up for in talent.


The show had a lot more musical numbers than the movie and I felt that some of the characters were able to shine through more in the musical than in the film. The aspects that needed to be there in order to properly represent and respect the film were there but the stage adaptation strayed from the film where appropriate held the attention of the audience, exceeded my expectations and I believe the expectations of most of the people in the audience.

They had cute drinks at the bars that were frozen themed that included two drinks with and one drink without alcohol that was just a pink lemonade. A little bit of Disney magic is holding court in downtown Denver and if you miss this you are certainly missing out.

frozen drinks

Thanks for stopping by for a review of this incredible stage show! I highly recommend this show if you are in Colorado and if you aren’t either head here or to NYC when the show hits the big stage. Disney is always leaving me stunned and excited for more and this was no exception. Until next time friends and for the love of the mouse never forget, that it all started with a mouse!

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